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Upgrade your WhatsApp now if you don't want to risk losing your groups!

Here at EBox we have a habit of alerting you to how important it is to keep all your applications up to date, so as not to lose the new features and for security reasons. Now the warning comes from security firm Check Point, which has discovered a serious flaw in WhatsApp for iOS and Android.

According to the company, this security flaw allows hackers to cause WhatsApp to stop working and to reinstall the application. If this happens, you will eventually lose all your groups during the process.

WhatsApp Security

Security breach also endangers your friends' WhatsApp!

It is also important to highlight a point that deserved great attention from Check Point. Should a hacker take advantage of this flaw, it will not only be your WhatsApp that will be affected, but also your friends'.

To exploit this flaw, a specific message is sent to one of your groups, and as soon as this happens, all members' WhatsApp will stop working until it is installed again. Also, it will not be possible to return to the group and until it is permanently deleted, the application will continue to block constantly.

WhatsApp has already released a new version that eliminates this security hole

As usual, once they discovered this flaw, the Check Point team quickly alerted WhatsApp. Therefore, a patch has been released that resolves the issue.

Therefore, confirm that you do not have any updates available on your smartphone so that you do not risk losing access to one of your chat groups.

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