Update of AirPods Pro continues to cause complaints. Understand why

airpods pro

A few days ago Apple’s AirPods Pro received a firmware update. These updates are typical and can often fix minor problems like battery life and lack of connectivity. However, the effect was the opposite as several users are expressing dissatisfaction.

On Reddit, several users are complaining about a dedicated topic of various problems after the update. The most common and most reported is noise cancellation, whose capacity has worsened since the update. The difference is noticeable enough, depending on the user.

In addition to noise cancellation, headset users report lower autonomy, problems with the microphone during calls and some difficulties in connecting between AirPods Pro and iPhones. The update in question is 2C54, released in December 2019.

airpods pro

On the other hand, sound quality has improved

According to MacRumors tests, despite the problems mentioned, AirPods Pro have improved in two ways: frequency response and bass accuracy. These improvements will result in a richer sound due to the ability to reproduce different frequencies in various types of music.

AirPods Pro are on their way to becoming an Apple best seller

By the end of 2019, Apple had sold 60 million units of AirPods Pro worldwide. Continuing on the path of the original AirPods, the Pro version proved to be yet another extremely profitable product bet, despite the € 279 tag.

Together with the Apple Watch, headsets are the company’s best-selling gadgets and a key source of income. It is no wonder that all mobile phone manufacturers are currently betting on their version of True Wireless headsets, the most popular on Android being Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

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