Update Google Chrome prepares to get you a huge headache!


I certainly am not the only one who goes to the moon when I want to manage the sound coming out of my computer.

Sometimes I start playing without knowing where and to manage the sound of web pages there I am jumping from tab to tab. Chome a while ago added a feature that shows us which tabs are sounding, but the latest news is even better.

Music control manager directly in Chrome

Google Chrome music tracking

According to the Canary update, a beta version of Google Chrome, we will have new functionality that will be simply brilliant.

Right next to the extension icons, you'll also have an icon with a music symbol. Clicking on this icon will give you a small music player with all the tabs that are playing video or sound.

That way you can control everything that is playing in one place. Stop the song and play the next one. It is just a pity that this control only works on web pages and not computer applications.

This is because I usually hear Spotify through the Mac application instead of the browser. However, by implementing this small feature in Google Chrome, I can assure you that the app is uninstalled in order to value this cool player.

When will the news come to Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Since it's already being tried on Canary, it's a matter of weeks before you get to Google Chrome. Incidentally, it was mentioned that there are already users seeing the new feature in their (normal) Google Chrome. So we can believe it's ready to go out for most users.

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