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Originally released for the Xbox 360 and PC in 2008-2009, The Last Remnant is an epic...

They manage to install RetroArch on the new Xbox Series X and S

RetroArch on the new Xbox Series Without a doubt, one of the star issues in the world of software is emulation. Much more now...

Gesture navigation will be the rule with the arrival of Android Q

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Understand how Huawei achieved 7680 fps on the Mate 30 Pro

One of the most attractive features of the Mate 30 Pro is its impressive slow motion mode. This mode can capture 7680 frames per second, far surpassing any slow motion mode on other phones with the Galaxy Note 10+.

However, the question hovers: how did Huawei achieve such a feat? One of the brand's executives, Bruce Lee, explained how it was possible to achieve such speeds in a 'simple' camera phone. First of all, you see the difference between 960 fps and 7680 fps.

In fact, the difference between shooting capabilities is noticeable. In the video when the lighter is lit at 960 fps and then at 7680 it's almost like 'slow motion in slow motion'. This represents almost infinite possibilities when it comes to shooting moving objects. The faster the more interesting action will be. the final effect.

Huawei used artificial intelligence to bring ultra-slow motion to life

Bruce Lee explains that originally, the mobile phone records about 0.12 seconds at 7680 fps. Artificial intelligence is then used to select frames and make all sorts of improvements so that the final video is in good condition. This process consumes 2 GB of RAM every time slow motion is used, says Lee.

The truth is that Huawei has made a tremendous effort to bring this slow motion mode to life. Their controlled environment tests show several examples of bursting balloons, balls to be thrown and various types of particles to be tested for the best possible effect.

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