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Most underrated Kodi TV Box

Most underrated Kodi TV Box

MINIX NEO Z64 TV BOX Most underrated Kodi TV Box


Most underrated Kodi TV Box?

Well, this is a little misleading as it's not strictly just a TV Box. It is actually a mini PC. Smaller than most Android TV Boxes and as powerful as a desktop PC. This gets the tag of Most underrated Kodi TV Box as people tend to go for the Android platform when looking at Smart TV Boxes. However, with a mini PC, you have all the benefits of your desktop straight on your TV.

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So what is the Most underrated Kodi TV Box?

We are talking about the Minix Neo Z64.

The purists that run Kodi will always tell you that Kodi runs better on PC. In some instances that is certainly the case. However, the beauty of having a mini PC is that it can do anything your desktop PC can. With various programs that you can download, you can run all sorts of Apps, even from the Android platform.

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So what is the Minix Neo Z64?

Well, first it's made by Minix, so you can be assured of a premium build quality. NEO Z64 Mini PC is an ultra-compact mini desktop PC which redefines the desktop PC, with its minute form factor making it one of the world’s smallest desktop PCs that allows for an array of space saving options.

NEO Z64 is suitable for an incredible array of applications; whether as a personal multimedia terminal, a home multimedia centre or for use in small enterprise offices. NEO Z64 truly is the ideal solution in the age of ‘cloud computing’ for those seeking a low-power consumption, high performance-price ratio terminal PC.

Running on Windows 10. The Z64 is small, fanless (so not noisy) and extremely powerful. It has 32gb of storage which is upgradeable via SD card and it has all the ports you would need for your accessories.

Once you connect this player to the HDMI interface of TV it will convert your regular TV into a Smart TV with Windows 8.1. It’s powered by an Intel Z3735F 64-bit processor with 2MB of cache and a Turbo clock of 1.83GHz. This is the same processor that powers most of the today’s Windows-based tablets.

Booting to the desktop from a completely powered down state is under 10 seconds. This is about half the time of a heavily-modded desktop PC running Windows 10 on a solid-state drive. The official specs from Intel and Minix clock the bootup at 10-15 seconds, but my version came in at 8 seconds on average.

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So, this is a PC, and Android App Box and more depending on what you do with it. This mini PC is currently on sale at EBox, click the link below to find out more.

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If you have any questions regarding this device, simply get in touch via Twitter.


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