How to unbrick T8 TV box

How to Fix a broken T8 TV box

If your T8 TV box is not responding to firmware upgrades or is bricked (blank screen but powers up) you can recover your T8 TV box with this guide. You will need to complete two steps to recover your device. The first thing you will need to do is create a boot disk with the Amlogic boot card maker, then you will need to flash your device with new firmware (download below).

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Step by step how to make a boot disk

  1. Insert a Blank SD card into your PCHow to unbrick T8 TV box
  2. Open the (Boot card maker and and copy both files to the desktop of your PC
  3. Right-click on the boot cardmaker file and run this as an administrator
  4. Click the Choose disk tab and locate your SD card
  5. Do not tick partition and format
  6. Click the choose your bin file and locate the u-boot.bin file you moved to your desktop in step 2
  7. Press make, you should now have a working boot disk.
  8. You can delete any files as U-Boot from SD card now.

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How to recover your T8

  1. Open the T8 you downloaded from the link above
  2. Copy the 5 files over onto the boot SD card you created in the steps above. aml_autoscript 2) factory_update_param.aml 3) recovery.img 4) 5) u-boot.bin
  3. Remove the SD card from your device and insert into the side of your T8 Box
  4. Turn off the power with the power button on the front of the T8 make sure it is off
  5. On the right-hand side of the device is the reset button
  6. Using a tooth pick hold this button in. You know you have pressed it if you feel the click
  7. Now press the power button on the front of the device while holding in the button
  8. While holding the reset button down, wait for 30 seconds then release the reset button
  9. The recovery menu should now be shown and the device should update
 We hope this guide on How to unbrick T8 TV box helps you. 


Full Working Guide for Soft Bricked T8 Easy to follow steps Detailed Information


Require Windows Desktop / Laptop

Unbrick T8 TV Box
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  1. jzaborniak

    Hi All, I have what looks exactly like a T8plus box with the same specs. Name on mine is World TiVi…. Believe Zoomtak is the manufacturer of this hardware. I have bricked my unit and hoping to get some help to restore it. The pcb is red in color with the description number of 94V-0 MS-M1 E198407…. Near the cpu S812 is also another number: B00-S812-Rev1.1….. Unit turns on led from red to blue and also recognized by computer when plugged in.. Have listed all the IC’s on this board.
    Taken pictures and would like to upload them if someone can help. Thanks

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, you seem to have a Droidbox device and their firmware is locked so you will have to contact your supplier for further assistance.

      Thank you.

  2. alanwedgwood49

    what firmware do i want for a media revolution box mx2 box is 2 years old thanks

    1. Liam

      Hi Alan, you’ll find the latest MX2 firmware update here

  3. Ray Francis

    Hi. Please help. My T8 box has a problem. It refused to start ans never went past the S802 section. I have done a hard reset only now I get the android with the blue tummy and blue line constantly. This has been showing this for 7 hours now. Please advise?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, the instructions on this page would rectify the problem if all the steps are performed correctly or a firmware upgrade may do it : CLICK HERE FOR T8-AMLV3S FIRMWARE

      Thank you.

  4. Ray. Francis

    Hi there, my t8 v2 box is 2years old from your places do has given my weeks of great service. However it refused to start and stayed on the boot section. I left it for around 15 minutes just to see and nothing further happened. I have since followed the reset guide with the pin and now the Android and the blue repair are constantly turning. I have left this running for almost an hour. The sequence I used were, turn off. Insert pin. Turn on and hold pin. Pick factory reset ( number 5 I think) then restart. Android man now running constantly and no further?
    Please advise. Ray

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Mr Charles, you are doing the correct procedure but CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE T8-AML-V3S FIRMWARE and follow the instructions. Hopefully this helps,

  5. Jude

    Just a question I just wondered can the t8 v2 box not be updated with new firmware by side loading for us who are having trouble with the restore button is this not possible on these devices thanks

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello, you need to flash the device with the firmware by using the SD card or the OTA. The SD card method will work on the T8 V2, it is designed to do so.

      Thank you.

  6. Sanjiv

    Hi there, I’ve tried Manual Upate because it wasnt booting into recovery but now the box won’t boot up i’ve followed insturctions but the powerpoint goes blank and nothing appears where the time displays. I have T8-AML-V2.

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Sanjiv, You should check over the steps again to make sure that you are doing everything correctly but if no power or display then you may have a totally bricked device. If you are in warranty then you can contact our support team,

      Thank you.

  7. Philip Dalton

    When I click on Kodi it just goes to a black screen it is the T8 box please help — Thanks –

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Phil, the most common fix for this is to go to settings, more settings, apps, Kodi then clear data. If you are using the s77 pro air mouse, sometimes it can cause this behaviour if the air mouse function is switched on so before entering Kodi it is advisable to turn the air mouse off before entering the program.

      Thank you.

  8. Entertainment Box

    Hello Peter, if you are using our firmwares then Kodi can be easily re-installed by a simple factory reset. You can also re-download again from our page here.


  9. dawnlocke99

    I got t8 v3 moved it to another tv now it don’t work can anyone help me please

    1. EntertainmentBox

      Hi Dawnlocke99, put your T8 V3 back on the TV that works then go into settings- display- resolution settings. from there you should be able to change the HDMI output. select a new resolution save the settings now try it on the other TV. Go through the list until you find the right resolution for your second TV.

  10. jude

    thanks for reply it seems the recovery button isnt working i will just have to leave it as it is its running okay with the wookiespmc i did my brothers for him and that upgraded perfectly anyway thanks for your help

  11. James Duffy

    Hello there, I followed your instructions to the letter but to no avail, green man still on his side with red triangle and the writing ‘E: failed to mount /cache (invalid argument… and E: cant mount etc.. I bought this box from you in 2014 T8 V2.20141105.V3.1.2 for £105.00.. The toothpick has never worked and now there is nothing , but the little fellow on his side. Can you please suggest something else I can do? If not I live in London if I walk in to your office (have been before I bought the T8) will someoneuffy bring it back to life please? Thanks . James Duffy.

    1. EntertainmentBox

      If its under warranty we will fix or replace your device for you. If you out of warranty we will try to flash your device but will not be held responsible if it get any worse.

  12. EntertainmentBox

    Hi Jude,
    Try to use the reboot manager app, you can use this to reboot into recovery,

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