As The Guardian has advanced, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will move forward with plans the ultimate goal of which is to end Huawei’s involvement in the development of 5G infrastructure in British territory.

More specifically, Johnson expects the Chinese manufacturer to stop having any participation in infrastructure by 2023. Boris Jonhson says he is facing a lot of pressure from some members of parliament, who oppose Huawei’s presence on 5G networks. The fears are similar to those of the United States, of technology espionage.


The UK is also expected to stop relying so much on Chinese products. Given the latest developments in China’s relations with the rest of the world, this appears to be becoming a trend.

The most funny thing is that until recently, the United Kingdom seemed to have taken a more liberal position than the United States, regarding the presence of Huawei in its territory. That perspective seems to have changed with the presence of Boris Johnson at the head of the United Kingdom.

Outbreak of COVID-19 is not helping relations with China

If the United States’ relations with China were already “sour” because of the trade war, they got even worse with the new coronavirus. During the pandemic, news emerged that China was not quick to warn other nations about COVID-19, in addition to accusations of false news from the country, to reduce the impact of the disease.

The Guardian further advanced that British secret services are in line with the measures, saying that Huawei could pose a national security risk.

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