UK is the country in Europe that most feels insecure on the Internet

Portugal is the country in Europe that most feels insecure on the Internet

According to a report by Intrum, a specialist in the credit management services industry, UK is the European country most concerned about the fact that your data may fall into the wrong hands when shopping online.

Young people between 18 and 21 are least concerned about personal data, with data from 24,398 consumers in 24 European countries being collected. In UK alone, 1000 interviews were carried out.

76% of respondents are afraid their data will fall into the wrong hands

In the UK’s case, 76% of respondents said they were afraid that their personal data would fall into the wrong hands. This is a figure well above the European average of 50%. In the opposite direction is the Czech Republic, as only 35% of respondents in this country feel insecure on the Internet.

Despite suspicions, 85% of UK’s respondents say they have never been a victim of credit card fraud in the past year. Between the ages of 18 and 21, only 68% of respondents show concerns in this regard.

Women are more concerned than men

The trend in UK and Europe is similar: women are more concerned with this issue. In UK, 79% of women are concerned, against 73% of men.

This report comes in celebration of Safe Internet Day, which will take place on Tuesday. This is an initiative that takes place annually, with the objective of promoting the ethical, safe and responsible use of the Internet.

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