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UFS 3.1: what you should know about the new memory standard beyond the data

Memories UFS 3.1, what improvements do they offer

UFS 3.1 standard

The UFS 2.0 standard was launched in 2015 and already marked a significant improvement over the current eMMC standard. Now, after a few years and with the UFS 3.0 as the latest version, an update arrives that although it is an improvement offers interesting features for all those devices that begin to integrate it.

Until now, with the exception of high ranges and the odd mid-range, most devices have used eMMC units. This is a standard that comparatively compared to UFS 3.0 is not as fast or efficient. Well, the UFS version 3.1 It is oriented to all types of devices, so the overall experience will change no matter what range it is.

But what are these improvements to the new standard for memories? UFS (Universal Flash Storage 3.1) developed by JEDEC. Basically you can say that it focuses on speed and energy consumption, two aspects that are important in the user experience.

The keys of the UHFS 3.1 standard:

  • Deep sleep It is a new state of low consumption that allows to reduce energy consumption, so it would facilitate the use of these memories in low-end devices.
  • Performance Throttling Notification It is the function that will give information to the devices that make use of high performance modes when the memory reaches high temperatures, thus improving energy management and maintaining the same performance.
  • Write Booster, an improvement that enhances the writing of data through the use of a non-volatile SLC cache that increases the write speed.

A big change in mobile devices regardless of range

Ok, if in the meantime technical name is still not clear to you, what you should keep in mind is that The new standard will improve all kinds of mobile devices That integrate these new memories.

In the case of mobile phones, it will not matter if they are high, medium or low range. Thanks to the advances made, any of them will be able to use this type of memory and improve the experience without sacrificing aspects such as autonomy, which in low-cost models is not very expensive.

For the rest, the first devices that are released this 2020 and could include these new memories are the Samsung Galaxy S20 and, possibly, also the OnePlus 8. Even so, everything will depend in part on each manufacturer.

If they continue to seek maximum profitability, they may even continue to use eMMC units. But if they want to compete and attract more users, then using these new memories would be the smartest and that would give more value to their proposals. However, the important thing is that you already know what this new UFS 3.1 nomenclature is about that you are likely to start reading through many sites.

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