The private transport service Uber has again tested autonomous cars in the city of San Francisco. The company returned to practice on public roads two years after one of its autonomous cars victimized a pedestrian in Arizona.

The company will begin limited testing in San Francisco with just two cars, the Volvo XC90 model. The tests will be carried out only during the day, on public roads, with each car being manned by a driver specialized in safety.

Uber autonomous car fleet

Uber received permission from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (The United States IMT). It was said by the company that it had no plans to test autonomous cars right away when they received authorization in February. Now in March, Uber has already started testing the technology.

An Uber spokesman said the company is eager to test autonomous car technology, which could revolutionize private transportation. In addition to San Francisco, this autonomous car program will also be tested in Dallas, Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.

Tragic accident forced Uber to stop testing

In 2018, Uber was testing one of its autonomous vehicles in a suburb in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the cars ended up running over and killing a pedestrian. The car was in autonomous mode with a security driver, but that did not prevent the accident.

The pedestrian, named Elaine Herzberg, was the first victim of a registered autonomous car. At the time, the Washington Post compared his death to that of Bridge Driscoll, the first car-related fatality in 1896 in the United Kingdom.

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