Uber Copter is official! Know the private helicopter shuttle service

Uber Copter is official! Know the private helicopter shuttle service

Uber has just launched the new Uber Copter service exclusively in New York. It is essentially the same private shuttle service as with helicopters instead of cars. Each trip costs 200 dollars. See the video.

As you can see, calling Uber Copter works the same as calling a normal Uber car. Currently, Uber Copter only makes short trips of about 8 minutes. The route is between downtown Manhattan and JFK airport. By comparison, this car trip takes about an hour, depending on traffic.

Uber Copter currently only works at a specific time. Helicopter service can be requested only during weekdays and during late afternoon rush hour. Users can also request 5-day advance travel and carry luggage weighing a maximum of 18 pounds.

Uber wants to take the first steps in air mobility

Uber states that this service is the first step towards the future of air mobility, ie air transport services. The company plans to launch, by 2023, a more economical service with a fleet of air vehicles that can transport customers quickly within cities or even between cities.

All these concepts are interesting as they meet the typical visions of cities of the future with flying cars. Who knows, in the future we may be requesting air travel from Uber to work or shopping in heliports scattered throughout the cities.

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