As a measure of responding more effectively to requests for food delivery at home, Uber is asking its drivers to take a few shifts of Uber Eats. Announced on the company’s official website by director Pierre-Dimitri-Gore-Coty, this option will be available in the United States initially.

In this way, Uber drivers who are on duty can switch between passenger transportation and food delivery by Uber Eats. These changes can be made directly in the app. The option is available even if the driver has never delivered Uber Eats.


The inclusion of this option brings an advantage to Uber and its drivers. In this way, Uber manages to have more human resources to deliver food. On the drivers’ side, they have an opportunity to make more money, considering the dead times due to the more empty cities.

On the other hand, a driver who has never made deliveries of Uber Eats may be at more risk of contagion, as he transports people all day and then will transport food to customers. Uber is likely to be providing guidance for new drivers on Uber Eats.

Uber driver passed away after receiving passenger with COVID-19

According to the New York Post, an Uber driver died after contracting the new coronavirus. Anil Subba picked up an infected passenger at JFK airport during the first week of March. The passenger informed Subba that he was infected, which motivated the driver to suspend his activities.

Unfortunately, Subba was infected, developing symptoms and being admitted to the hospital two weeks later. Two days after admission, Subba passed away.

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