Uber is updating its service in order to facilitate travel for both passengers and drivers. The most notable novelty is a translation tool, which allows you to translate conversations within the application. In this way, users are able to communicate with drivers if both do not speak the same language.

Inside the interface, below each communication, there will be a “translate” button where users can tap. According to Uber, more than 100 languages ​​are available now. The update will be sent to users worldwide over the next few days.


Uber interface will become more intuitive and transparent

The update also focused on how travel is communicated. More accurate notifications will be sent to drivers to make sure they are at the correct pick-up location and vice versa for passengers. The app will also include instructions on how to get to the collection point, which is useful for locations with crowds such as airports or stadiums.

Uber is most popular in the United States and Brazil

According to Makeawebsitehub statistics, the most profitable markets for Uber are in the United States and Brazil. In the USA there are already around 40 million registered users. In Brazil, this number drops to 17 million.

In Europe, Uber’s largest market is located in the United Kingdom, more specifically in London. Finally, we have India, where 5 million trips are made weekly through the app. In July 2018, Uber completed 10 billion trips, spread across the world.

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