Uber and Lyft create guidelines to prevent Coronavirus


Private transport companies Uber and Lyft recently sent a list of guidelines to their drivers. The guidelines are intended to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

In this way, the guidelines were sent through notification in the app for drivers. These are basic instructions like staying at home if you feel sick or with a fever, washing your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face.


Additionally, drivers were encouraged to cough or sneeze onto their elbows, or carry handkerchiefs. Regarding vehicles, Uber and Lyft ask drivers to keep the areas of greatest human contact clean and disinfected with the dashboard and seats.

In the case of Uber, it states that it created the set of guidelines guided by a public health specialist. Uber’s plan is to be able to respond in a personalized way to the Coronavirus threat according to the market in which it operates.

Employee travel is being restricted

One of the measures that several companies are using is to restrict employee travel to critical areas such as China, Northern Italy, Iran and South Korea. These are some of the areas considered most critical with regard to Coronavirus.

As such, Uber and Lyft are no exception to the rule. Company employees will not be able to travel to the countries mentioned, unless of extreme necessity.

Uber blocked several drivers on suspicion of COVID-19

In Mexico, Uber suspended hundreds of driver accounts that allegedly had contact with the Coronavirus or infected people. Unfortunately, this situation is affecting the earnings of several Uber, Lyft and Uber Eats drivers.

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