Two Tesla Model Xs save the lives of two families in a tragic accident!

Tesla Model X autopilot accident

The autopilot of two Tesla Model X saved the lives of two families. At least that is what the drivers of a tragic accident indicate. Interestingly, the accident occurred at the same time with two identical Tesla models.

It all happened when a huge tree fell in the middle of the road while the two Tesla Model X were passing by. One on one side of the road, the other on the other. The only difference was its hue.

Tesla cars autopilot save more lives

Both pilots were traveling on autopilot and both had the same reaction when they saw the tree fall, put their foot on the brake. However, even without doing so, the car applied the emergency brakes and thereby saved the lives of two families.

Tesla Model X autopilot accident

We were driving and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tree fall. The car was on autopilot and the emergency brakes were applied. One more second and we would have been crushed, because I wouldn't be able to react in time. The car, without a doubt, saved our lives. We would be dead without him.“Reports the driver of the black Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X autopilot accident

In the other car, the report was identical: “I was on autopilot driving home when I saw a flash in the” power line “that lit the tree when it fell. We stopped suddenly. There was a loud crack and then the sound of metal to metal.

I expected to turn around and see my girlfriend and mother covered in branches, but incredibly that was not the case. They were both ok, plus a little sore. It was a miracle that we all survived. I helped get them both out of the car and then checked the other driver on the other side of the tree. When I saw Falcon's open door, I couldn't believe it.

He continued to say: “We were in pure shock. Tesla cars saved eight lives. It just shows us that life can end in a fraction of a second, but thanks to Tesla for making amazing cars, that was not the case this time. “

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