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Latest CSA91 TV Box Firmware Download Android Lollipop 5.1.1

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OnePlus 6T: We already have the Live Stream presentation here!

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Twitter will test a new use for audio tweets

Audio tweets reach DMs

As you will surely remember if you are a regular user of the platform or read us daily, in June Twitter announced the arrival of audio tweets. A new form of expression through sound messages whose maximum duration could be 140 seconds. A limitation that in turn fit very well with that of the 240 characters of text, thus allowing to maintain that same essence of briefly sharing what is happening around you.

Well, now that new form of communication is spreading and Twitter will start with the use of audio tweets in private messages. A feature that other platforms already offer and with which this time they will have to be more careful.

On the one hand, in accessibility issues, something where they failed and that seems to be better channeled this time. With a much friendlier interface thanks to the work of a team dedicated full time to these issues. And then for everything related to privacy and possible misuses that can be made of them.

So we will see how they manage to save each of these match balls. At the moment, only a small group of users in Brazil will be able to access this new functionality. So they can apply changes or improvements to something that we do not doubt will become official within not long. For each one to decide how they want to communicate privately with other users or simply have different modes of expression.

Bad or good idea?

The launch of voice messages on Twitter It was not free from criticism and many complained. Voice messages on Twitter? Another nightmare like the one suffered by many in the audio-based WhatsApp chats?

Well, if you look at it from that perspective, it is clear that it was scary to imagine what the network could become. However, nothing bad ended up happening and with the passage of time it was even verified that its use remained marginal and taking away the novelty of the moment, few have continued to send this type of tweets. Moreover, many do not even remember that the possibility is there.

However, calling them negative for this is partly wrong. Because we already saw what one of the true uses of audio tweets was. And is that these types of messages help or they can do it in an important way to all those users who have accessibility issues, especially related to sight and speech.

So it makes perfect sense that if the option is available in the timeline, it is also available in private messages or DM. Do not you think? Also, nobody forces you to use them and if you don’t want to receive any for DM, you just have to close them.

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