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Twitter will now feature professional quality photos!

Twitter will now feature professional quality photos!

Twitter has changed the way it "treats" the photos posted on its platform. This new implementation will surely appeal to all users who take advantage of their presence on the social network to share their professional photos / images.

According to the publication by Nolan O'Brien, the social network will now preserve the quality of JPEG images that have been uploaded to the social network through its web version. Until now, a logarithm that applied heavy file compression has been applied. causing a degradation in its quality.

Twitter shows professional quality photos, but protects your privacy

Although they no longer compress images, Twitter has made a point of ensuring the privacy of its users. To ensure that, they will continue to delete any additional information that may be attached to the file, known as EXIF ​​content.

EXIF content reveals various detailed information about the photos, such as where / when the photo was taken. This type of information may eventually be used to locate photo authors, endangering their privacy. In addition, this content also reveals information about the equipment used and the camera settings.

Twitter image quality will be simply brutal

In O'Brien's publication, a photograph was attached showing several leaves that have extremely vivid hues. By clicking on the image you will be able to see it in its original resolution with an overwhelming level of detail.

With these changes, the featured images that appear on your feed will continue to be compressed, and the original image is only displayed when you click on the photo.

Clearly, this new implementation will be extremely useful for users who share their professional work as well as those who follow numerous artists. Guaranteed, it will be much more interesting to look at professional photographs at their original resolution.

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