Twitter will give you more control over your posts! Do you know how


Twitter added a new function to the mechanics of the social network. Now, users will be able to choose who can reply to their posts, or tweets. This function will come in the form of a new option in the social network settings. In fact, the function already existed, but not for all users.

The goal is to facilitate the filtering and blocking of unwanted comments or responses in publications. In addition, users can publish and block certain individuals’ responses to publications from the start.

This is a simple privacy filter, actually. Applications like Facebook and Instagram have had this feature for years. Still, heavy Twitter users will be happy to have access to this new feature.

The new function will be available for Android, iOS and the web version of Twitter. It is likely that the novelty has not yet reached all users, so if you do not have it, it is just a matter of waiting a few days until it appears.


How Twitter’s Privacy Function Works

The function will be available as soon as you publish a tweet. Before doing so, you will have a choice between the keyboard and the writing space. When playing, you will have options for “everyone can reply to this tweet”, “nobody can reply to this tweet”, or personalized.

However, users can still interact with the tweet, even if they cannot comment. They can, for example, retweet the publication with a comment. Therefore, this function only protects the original publication. Unless, of course, you block the unwanted user.

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