Twitter will cause controversy with new strategies to generate revenue

Twitter Money

Recently, Twitter revealed its financial results for the second half of 2020, where it reached revenues in the order of 588 million euros. These are values ​​that have leveraged the development of new ways to generate revenue, since it represents a drop of 19% YoY (Year on Year).

This is not the first time that new Twitter strategies are being talked about, which are reportedly developing a subscription model premium. However, this was the first time that Jack Dorsey confirmed the implementation of this new strategy.

Twitter Money

Twitter subscriptions are still a mystery

Despite confirming its existence, the CEO of Twitter ended up not revealing any details about its implementation, saying only that the tests should start later this year. In addition, Dorsey pointed out that the standards for asking Twitter users for “money” were set too high.

Although it is not clear in which situations users may have the option to subscribe to a paid service, it is most likely that the original (free) version of the social network will continue to be the users’ favorite.

Especially with the great impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic, most companies continue to “magick” ways to recover from the loss. Advertising platforms have been hit hard, with many of the top advertisers seriously cutting their budgets.

Thus, it is natural that the largest companies also begin to develop new ways of generating revenue. Most of these new strategies have the main objective of granting companies a certain level of self-sufficiency, not depending on external platforms to generate revenue.

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