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Twitter will allow Live Photos sharing as GIFs on iOS

Twitter will allow Live Photos sharing as GIFs on iOS

IOS's Live Photos feature is a bit confusing as it lets you take a hybrid of photos and videos, lasting for a second and a half. The problem is sharing these photos because most social networks can't distinguish between a normal photo and a live photo.

However, Twitter will be the first social network to embrace Live Photos support natively. In fact, the social network will now convert them directly to GIFs, making it easier to use and eliminating any obstacles to sharing such photos.

To do this, simply enter the gallery and select any Live Photo you have taken. You should then share it on Twitter as a GIF because now you have the option. Live Photo will be converted to GIF without loss of quality or frames, retaining all content.

The truth is that Live Photos is a feature of iOS that has been around for years. However, it is only now that Twitter has decided to support it. It's a slight difference to the app's functions but a way to better integrate iOS into the social network.

Android users will have to wait for the same function

Although they do not have the same name, the Live Photos function has also been integrated into Android in various skins from different manufacturers. However, converting to GIFs on Twitter is only available for iOS, at least for now. Android users will have to wait until the social network decides to include Google's operating system.

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