Home Gaming Twitch Spends Millions To Maintain Its Top Streamers

Twitch Spends Millions To Maintain Its Top Streamers

Twitch Spends Millions To Maintain Its Top Streamers

Top Twitch streamers have announced that they will continue to use the service after signing annual contracts. Streamers DrLupo, LIRIK and TimTheTatman will stay in business, unlike other colleagues who have left Twitch to embrace "new projects" on Mixe, the rival platform.

Although contract amounts have not been specified, e-Sports consultant Rod Breslau estimates that they are in the millions of dollars. After all, the mentioned streamers have over 10,000 followers and thousands of viewers for every broadcast made.

Therefore, these contracts benefit the streamers and the agency that manages them, entitled Loaded. This agency represents the largest streamers in the industry, including Ninja, which recently moved to Mixer, with the help of Loaded. FPS Shroud also did it two months later.

Mixer, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming are the competitors

There is no doubt that a gaming content streaming war is on its way. The Mixer is here to stay, already managing to secure famous streamers for its platform like the mentioned Ninja and Shroud.

Although they have discontinued the app, Google continues to keep YouTube Gaming active. While not even close to Twitch's numbers, the platform remains a valid choice for anyone wanting to stream games on YouTube alone.

Lastly, we have Facebook Gaming, which, although not having much mainstream appeal, has found success in some Latin American countries. As platforms enhance their features and become more appealing, we are witnessing a growth in game delivery platforms.

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