Twitch Prime says goodbye, say hello to Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime says goodbye, say hello to Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime is now Prime Gaming

Before we answer the question of what is Prime Gaming, let’s talk about Amazon and Twitch. In August 2014 Amazon acquired Twitch, the popular video game streaming platform (among other content). A bet with which the online shopping giant wanted to get into a business with a great future. Hence, he does not mind paying 970 million dollars that it cost him.

With the passage of time we have all been able to verify that it was a winning horse bet, because today it is the undisputed leader. So much so that neither YouTube nor other services like Microsoft’s Mixer have been able to stand up to it. What’s more, the latter ended up closing recently due to the lack of growth in the number of users. And that they tried to hit the checkbook by signing streamers like Ninja, who would only do live content on their platform.

Therefore, right now and unless Facebook Gaming shows that it can indeed be an important rival, Twitch is the true reference when it comes to creating live content on the internet. And among its services is Twtich Prime, a platform through which you can benefit from a large number of advantages, such as contributing to other users or obtaining free games, among other things.

The problem is that Twitch Prime is still a great unknown today for many users who do not know that by paying the Amazon Prime subscription they have free access to Twtich Prime. So, looking for a better brand alignment, Twitch Prime is renamed Prime Gaming.

What is Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is the same service we had with Twitch Prime. There is only one name change, so all the advantages that it has been offering up to now will remain intact for both new and old users. Some benefits that we could summarize in a quick way in the following sections:

  • Subscribing to a Twitch channel, at no additional cost you can subscribe to the channel of your favorite creator and obtain exclusive benefits from it
  • Access to games for free and other extras. As with other subscription services, each month new content will be offered such as games that you can have without paying any extra. There will also be other types of loot to access as accessories or bonuses for your favorite games
  • Exclusive emoticons
  • New chat customization options, if you are one of those who like to have colors different from the rest, with this you can choose through the RGB sliders that you will have
  • Badge for being a Prime user
  • Long-term content storage normal users can only store content for 14 days, but with Prime that period increases to 60 days. So your broadcasts will be more time available so that others can see it if they are interested

Therefore, do not worry about changing the name of the service. None of your obtained privileges will be affected. Amazon’s idea is to make it easier to identify the advantages that those who pay for Amazon Prime will have, who can access services like Prime Video, Prime Reading and now Prime Gaming. Although there are others like Amazon Music that for their own reasons still maintains a name that differs with that strategy of unifying.

Likewise, if for any reason you want to cancel your Prime Gaming account (Twitch Gaming) without losing your Amazon Prime account, you can do so.


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