Home Gaming Twitch prepares news to face Microsoft Mixer

Twitch prepares news to face Microsoft Mixer

Twitch prepares news to face Microsoft Mixer

Twitch remains the largest streaming platform today. However, Microsoft's recent investment in its platform, Mixer, has managed to shake the 'king' of streaming.

Now, the first information has emerged that the Amazon platform will soon implement a new domestic currency called Channel Points. This implementation seems to come as a direct response to the popular Mixer Sparks.

Twitch Virtual Currency

New virtual currency will create greater dynamism between streamers and followers

It is important to note that there is still not much information about what can actually be implemented with these Channel Points, but only speculation that they will be similar to Microsoft's offer in Mixer. If so, streamers will now have more tools to interact directly with their followers.

In the case of the Mixer, Sparks are earned while watching streams, or while performing your streaming session. It is then applied to a wide variety of activities and items. Streamers can create interactive games, create teams, award prizes, and more.

Confirmation of Channel Points arrival at Twitch has been made by Lowco streamer, who posted to his Twitter account a screenshot of a new message being sent to Twitch partners.

According to the message, Channel Points will be a new virtual currency that will allow you to give rewards to followers by giving them various benefits. Not being specific in the type of benefits available, it was noted that some of the benefits were only available to subscribers.

Twitch vs Mixer

Twitch arrives late for virtual currency 'train', but not a problem

Mixer is the most renowned streaming platform that has ever implemented this kind of virtual currency. However, other smaller services have done so for a long time. As such, Twitch eventually comes to this trend extremely late, but should have no problems implementing it.

Considering Amazon's virtually limitless capabilities, it is guaranteed that Twitch will have to talk about implementing your virtual currency. The e-commerce giant has all the tools needed to make this implementation a worldwide success.

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