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Twitch finally allows subscriptions made on iOS! But it's a mess

Twitch finally allows subscriptions made on iOS! But it's a mess

Although several streaming platforms have been established in recent times, Twitch is still the most popular among video game lovers. On this platform you can watch hundreds of players live streaming their gaming sessions.

To support your favorite streamers, you can subscribe to your channels for a monthly fee of € 4.99. However, it was only possible through your Android computer or smartphone. It has now been revealed that users on iOS will also be able to subscribe to channels.

Twitch iOS Subscriptions

Twitch implements very confusing process for iOS subscriptions

Certainly it will become common practice over time, but compared to the process used in the desktop version and Android App, the implementation made in the iOS version seems unnecessarily complex.

To subscribe on iOS, users will need to purchase the new iOS Sub Tokens. Each of these Tokens can be used to perform a Level 1 subscription as well as renewal. Users can also extend their subscription using up to a total of 12 iOS Sub Tokens (1 year subscription).

As with all other subscription methods, using Tokens will give you access to various perks, such as badgets, emotes, exclusive chat for subscribers and viewing without advertising.

Price to subscribe to smartphones is higher!

If you would like to subscribe to one of your favorite streamers, I advise you to do so exclusively on your computer, or through the browser on your smartphone or tablet.

This is because, thanks to the fees charged by Google and Apple for purchases made through their stores, prices are higher. For new iOS Sub Tokens, each one costs € 5.99, unless you do it this month and enjoy a 2 Token promotion for € 8.99.

On the other hand, if you subscribe through the Android app, it will cost you € 6.99 per month. This additional cost is allegedly to cover the costs charged by their app stores.

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