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Trouble in Paradise: They want to stop Dune from premiering on HBO Max

An unprecedented decision

The bomb was huge last week. In a radical twist of plans, Warner Bros decided to announce that all its films from 2021 will follow a new release plan that involves being released both in theaters and on its content platform HBO Max.

We were already going to live an attempt this December with Wonder Woman 1984 (which will follow just this procedure), but many believed that it was something specific and experimental, in the same way that it has been Mulan on Disney +. Nothing is further from reality.

Wonder Woman 1984

The new direction of the film industry giant to simultaneously release all its films prepared for 2021 in cinemas and via streaming, with the exception that they will only be available on the content platform for a month, after which they will be withdrawn (while they continue On cinemas).

This has led many sectors to take their hands on their heads, starting with the distributors themselves and those responsible for the projections in the cinemas, that after a year to be forgotten, they see how this does nothing more than put new stones in the way of their economic recovery.

Even with this, there is a company that has taken things more seriously and is even considering take legal action against Warner Bros to prevent at least two of the films announced under this new distribution mode from skipping HBO Max.

Dune and Godzilla vs. Kong in the spotlight

Legendary Entertainment is the company that could take things a little further in this great mess. In case you do not know it, it is an American company of film production with endless great ribbons behind him (from Inception to John wick, going by Inception, Man of steel or Interstellar).

The firm has put in a good amount of money (the amount could be up to 75% of the budget production) in two films that fall within the new Warner Bros release plan, Dune Y Godzilla vs. Kong, and of course, she is not willing to lose the numbers that she would already have calculated with the premiere in theaters.

Dune trailer

The information has not been directly confirmed by Legendary but has been filtered in Deadline, where they point out that the company has already sent several legal documents to Warner Bros informing it of its disagreement about these two films. The producer I would not have had evidence Some even that the movies were going to be part of HBO Max’s plan, so all of this has taken him by surprise. And not the good ones, precisely.

We will have to see how this whole story ends. It is clear that 2021 will continue to be a black year for the cinema given that the pandemic is still far from reaching its end and Warner Bros cannot continue to delay its films forever. On the other hand, if Legendary has decided to make such a decision it could be because it has the certainty (or at least the hope) to be right in banning its release on HBO Max. We’ll see how this ends.


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