Home Mobile TP-Link's new smart lamp promises a smart home with low price

TP-Link's new smart lamp promises a smart home with low price

TP-Link's new smart lamp promises a smart home with low price

TP-Link is one of the companies that has been working with quality to bring us a smart home. The brand new smart lamp is an example of this.

The new TP-Link KL50 gives us an avant-garde style, a cost-effective solution that will greatly reduce electricity costs at home. All this for a lamp that costs 15 €.

In addition, you will have a smart connection via smartphone, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa without any need for a Hub. Just like the Phillips Hue do.

TP-Link KL50

Connection with Google Assistant and Alexa is increasingly recurring

TP-Link's first light bulbs did not offer a connection to the Google or Amazon assistant. However, these gadgets are increasingly mandatory in a smart home.

Controlling the lights by voice was a habit for me when I was living in the UK and not yet in UK because I am currently building a smart home.

That's why I like to see more competition in the industry. In my opinion, it's worth buying smart lamps that don't connect with Google Assistant or Amazon, because I believe the future will come here.

LED filaments are the main feature of the TP-Link KL50 smart lamp

TP-Link KL50

This brand new TP-Link lamp, according to the brand, "has a sleek LED filament design and the Soft White (2700K) tone adequately illuminates all environments." It also has a dimmer that will make you set any kind of environment you wanted in the room.

This new lamp is more affordable and, unfortunately, only gives us the shade in white. However, you can always opt for the KL130 that give you various shades. However, the price rises to 30 €. Still, considerably cheaper than the Phillips Hue that cost around 60 €.

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