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How to Change Launcher Android TV Boxes

How to Change the Launcher for Android TV Boxes What is A launcher on an Android TV Box? Probably the most powerful feature of Android is its...

How to protect yourself from KRACK

Not so long ago, it turned out that the WPA2 protocol is not as secure as everyone thought before. In this regard, more and...

Fed up with curved screens? Samsung has a ‘card up its sleeve’

Samsung was the manufacturer responsible for popularizing the curved screens on the sides of its high-end...

Uber and Lyft prepare legal battle against dissatisfied workers

In the state of California, a proposal to classify Uber and Lyft workers as official company...

Toyota will launch all-electric vehicles next year

At a press conference, Toyota announced to the world the launch of all-electric cars as early as 2020. Accompanying this revelation, Toyota has published an image of the six new vehicles expected to hit the market next year.

Toyota's six new electric cars to arrive in 2020

As you can see from the picture, these vehicles will cover various niche markets. From more compact cars to family cars, Toyota wants to market a car for any type of consumer.

For the development of these cars, Toyota will work closely with Chinese battery suppliers. Japan is aware that more electric cars mean more batteries, so they need more partners to supply them.

China is one of Toyota's main targets

Betting on Chinese suppliers is not a random choice. Toyota expects the vast majority of its customers for all-electric vehicles to come from China. This will have resulted in recent Chinese incentives to buy such cars.

Toyota's future does not include combustion-only cars

At its recent press conference, Toyota revealed that by 2025 it expects to own only electrified cars. An electrified car means a vehicle that has at least one electric motor. This field also includes hybrids, since they have an electric motor and a combustion engine.

This means that in six years the Japanese carmaker will no longer build cars with only combustion engines. The gasoline or diesel variants that exist today will disappear from the brand portfolio.

Remember that Toyota was the first brand to abandon the development of diesel cars. By contrast, the brand began to focus more heavily on the hybrid market.

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Kratos will sneak into the Fortnite universe very soon

Kratos will sneak into the Fortnite universe very soon Images Youtube Videos

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