Toy Story is not over: the shepherd arrives as protagonist at Disney +

Toy Story is not over: the shepherd arrives as protagonist at Disney +

Lamp Life, an original Disney + short

Did you also leave the cinema stoically holding back tears after watching Toy Story 4? You’re not alone. The saga starring Woody and BuzzLightyear stole the hearts of millions of people throughout their four installments and the truth is that his latest film made us think many would be the final farewell of his story.

Nothing is further from reality. Now what Disney He has his own platform to unleash his creativity. He has decided to rescue one of the most beloved side characters of his toy panda and give it almost absolute prominence with a short film.

Toy Story 4

Titled Lamp life, this audiovisual creation focuses on the life of Boo Peep and how things went after being given away by Andy’s mother and before meeting again with Woody in the antiques store of Toy Story 4.

For us to open our mouths and enjoy a preview, Disney + has shared the first trailer of his short film on his official Twitter account. Press the play to see:

Remember that in the latest movie in the sagaAs we pointed out, Woody is in a surprise with Boo Peep in an antique shop after a long time without seeing her and asks for help to save Forky. After achieving his goal, Woody decides to start a new life with her as a doll free, Thanks to everything Boo has shown him to be living since he has no owner.

The factory of children’s magic par excellence has announced that the short, made of course by the studies of Pixar, will be available to view in the catalog from January 31, that is, within just one week. Remember that in UK the premiere of the service was confirmed for March 24, so almost certainly by then we can also enjoy in this market the adventures of this brave shepherd – we also doubt that it will be available for download by others tracks, Ahem.

Toy Story, the great overwhelming success of Pixar

You may not know, but Toy story was the Pixar’s first feature film and the absolute proof that a new concept and style were beginning to be born in animated cinema. It has the honor of being also the first fully animated film with digital effects in history.

Toy story

His success turned out to be so great (it is one of the highest grossing films in history in its category) that the film, directed by John Lasseter, followed by a second part (four years later) and a third (just one year later). In 2014, Disney, which already owned Pixar, announced that a fourth installment would be made that would arrive in June 2019 – it was once again directed by Lasseter.

Now the story continues with a kind of spin-off as a short film with Bo Peep as the protagonist. If the invention works, we would not be surprised if the next one to have his own “show” is BuzzLightyear, or who knows … it may appear on the poster of a future «Toy Story 5 ″


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