TOP 5 – Most played games for smartphone in recent years

TOP 5 - Most played games for smartphone in recent years
Top 5 smartphone games
There are so many smartphone games, these are the most played! Top 5

Smartphone games have become a global phenomenon. Or a problem, it depends on how we want to see it. From the perspective you want to be distracted or even "killed" for some time, these games offer fun features, available anytime, anywhere. Here's our Top 5!

Are smartphone games the best (and worst) to pass the time ?!

However, they can also lead you to addiction. So if you're an employee or student with tasks to do, these games can become a problem.

We have all met in a gigantic lineup to satisfy some kind of service, and for the faster advancing time we enjoyed these games. However, some of us have also had the experience of having something important to do and leaving something undone to enjoy a good game.

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Through this article, I will subjectively present the Top 5 games of recent years, because it is my opinion, and there will be others that could change one or the other game.

Top 5 – Angry Birds

One of the first games to conquer the world. Something like 500 million installations in 2011! You have to think because at the time smartphones were much less than
are now, so this is a very impressive number.

Top 5 – Candy Crush

A simple puzzle games, however achieving a huge success. In 2013 it obtained about 500 million downloads, when it became a phenomenon on Facebook. About 1 in 23 users of this social network were fans of this game.

Pokémon Go Niantic Smartphone Games Top 5

Top 5 – Pokémon Go

Perhaps one of the most famous, and yet the most recent. In the past, hunting down imaginary "monsters" had proved its success. And it was with this motto that came Pokémon Go. Niantic, the developer of the game, dealt with the subject with some experience. Even when things seemed shaky, in the sense that people were upset, new content was released. Pokémon Go comes up just like the game rhey mobile gaming, with over 750 million downloads! A right candidate for this Top 5.

Top 5 – Temple Run

You can associate this game with a potential movie, which was just rumors. One year after its release, the game celebrated 100 million installations
and since then it has reached 500 million!

Top 5 – Fruit Ninja

Appears as the one with the least Downloads However, it still has a large number of installations, around 300 million. Although mobile games have emerged
before smartphones touchscreens, this only works on one with that ability. The game is to cut the fruit that appears on the screen – beware of the bombs –
was released in 2012, and in the United States 1 in 3 people who owned iPhones had it installed.

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