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Top 20 Free PC Games of 2019

Top 20 Free PC Games of 2019

Free PC games are second to none for paid titles, which are the most popular to install on your computer and play online whenever you want. The list brings together titles from the main handpicked genres, all for free in 2019.

These are the best free and full downloadable PC games! Check out our selection and find the most fun for entertainment and excitement, the most played, the ones that take up little space and the perfect ones to pass the time.

1. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite picture

Fortnite Battle Royale, the game that has cemented this genre at the top of the charts since it arrived in 2017. Since then it has become an icon of online culture with over 74 million active players, is the most popular free game.

With visuals inspired by cartoons, the ability to build defenses, new content coming in very regularly and endless doses of fun. Play online as a team or ground, with lots of amazing weapons, graphics and animations from start to finish!

Page Fortnite officer

2. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

The 2019 sensation game was released in February, and a month later it had more than 50 million active players. More recently that figure would rise to 70 million and the number continues to rise. O Apex Legends It's a success story!

It is a battle royale, based on the universe of the Titanfall franchise, with its own elements and dynamic gameplay that quickly captivated the audience. It is one of the best free games in its genre and continues to improve with each update.

Apex Legends Official Page

3. PUBG Lite


The lightest and free version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the PUBG Lite It is one of the games that take up little space and require less refusal on your PC. It is a battle royalle that opposes teams, also with the mode single player, among others.

It stands out for the realism of weapons, animations and game mechanics, making it stand out from Fortnite. It's one of the most popular games and one of the best for PC, with much of the features that make conventional PUBG so popular.

PUBG Lite Official Page

4. League of Legends


Absolutely legendary, the League of Legends (LOL) was released in 2009, helping to catapult the MOBA genre to the top of the charts and make it “eSport” more popular. The graphic quality is amazing and continues to be improved periodically.

More than entertainment or fun, LOL is an icon of online culture. The game mechanics, the heroes and their special skills, the competitions that grab us on the PC, this is really one of the best free games in the world.

League of Legends Official Page

Team Fight Tactics

Turn-based, TFT is a mini-game that brings LOL's universe and characters to a board. Then you will face other players, take care of the strategy and combinations of various heroes to maximize their advantages and attributes.

Team Fight Tactics Official Page

5. Team Fortress 2


Launched in 2007, the Team Fortress 2 It remains one of the most popular games today and one of the best to play for free on the computer. It's a Valve classic, within the FPS category, very stylish and animated. cartoon.

The headline receives new content periodically, keeping it entertaining and quite competitive. It stands out for the team game, with specialized characters and unique skills that guarantee maximum entertainment.

Team Fortress 2 STEAM Page

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Dismissing presentation, the Counter Strike franchise helped cement the FPS genre multiplayer online over the years, being an instant classic. The last iteration, Global Offensive, is free since 2018 and its popularity is unquestionable.

O CSGO It is a timeless game that opposes two teams (Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists), in the most varied maps and with a varied selection of weapons available, remaining one of the best free games of today.

Page of CSGO at STEAM

7. World of Tanks


The horror of World War II was condensed in a duel of tanks to the death with the World of tanks. Launched in 2010, it is one of the free MMO games in which you can command many of the most famous armored vehicles.

The game has a huge community of players, receives new content periodically and can be installed for free on the computer. Then begins the challenge of facing other players online, or challenging the skill of the teams.

World of Tanks page on STEAM

8. World of Warships


In 2015 was launched the World of Warships, the natural unfolding of World of Tanks, striving for battle realism, with epic backdrops and with greater emphasis on battle planning and strategy before the first shot fires.

Take control of warships and control the fate of nations with the enormous firepower that these floating armored cities possess. The game is perfect for those who like history, strategy and the period of WW1 and WW2.

World of Warships page on STEAM

9. War Thunder

War thunder

O War thunder is one of the most popular PC strategy games, also being an FPS contextualized in World War II, Korea and beyond. Players can control tanks or various combat aircraft.

The combat system is highly strategic, with the possibility of upgrading the war machines and playing as one of several nations involved in the conflicts. It is available for multiple platforms and periodically receives new content.

War Thunder homepage on STEAM

10. NOTE 2


Hailed as one of the best free PC games, the NOTE 2 It's a MOBA that arrived in 2013 and has since grown to become a legendary title that constantly receives new content, with incredible battles and gameplay dynamics.

It's highly captivating, with multiple characters to choose from to lead us to victory with intense and exciting combat. With the Valve seal of quality, it is one of the free PC games we absolutely recommend!


DOTA Underlords

If this is your favorite game genre, then the new Underlords, launched in 2019 by Valve and still in the process of Early Acess It is certainly in your best interest. It's free to play on PC and Android and iOS mobile devices.

DOTA Underlords at STEAM

11. Fallout Shelter


O Fallout Shelter It's good to pass the time, being one of the best light computer games. It's simpler than other Fallout franchise titles, but it can be played unhindered even on a weak PC and ensures good entertainment.

The player will customize his shelter with various space and utility options, always to ensure his survival and, over time, help repopulate Earth after the nuclear winter explored by the saga.

Fallout Shelter Page on STEAM

12. Brawlhalla


For those looking for a fighting game, a lot of beating at the same time, with original and high quality animation and graphics, the Brawlhalla It is one of the best options. It was released in 2017 and has several traits in common with Super Smash Bros.

It stands out for its very fun gameplay, with well built mechanics and above all, a great design for each of the various characters. It's comical and grabs anyone to the screen, being one of the most popular free games today.

Brawlhalla's page on STEAM

13. Albion Online


Character customization and the story of its development is what sets this Multi Massive Online Role-Play Game (MMORPG) from the others. It was released in 2017 and recently, in 2019, it became free for any player.

It is one of the best games sandbox to spend time on the PC since all the game mechanics and skill advancement entails considerable dedication. If you want to write your story in a medieval setting, the Albion It's a great game!

Albion homepage on STEAM

14. Dauntless


O Dauntless It's a free RPG with lots of action and monsters that will challenge your skills. It stands out for its style graphics cartoon and by the huge and powerful opponents who promise hours of entertainment until you're up to it.

It is also worth noting that this title can be played in team mode. co-op with up to 4 players, or else in singleplayer. The main objective is to hunt these fantastic beasts, but for this you will have to develop your character.

Dauntless Official Page

15. Path of Exile


O Path of Exile It's an action RPG, free to play and with a similar line to the Diablo franchise. The graphic quality is unquestionable, as is its dark and immense world, waiting for the player to fully explore it.

The highlight is the active combat system with real dynamism, besides the other mechanics of the game. The challenge will be to evolve until you are ready to consummate revenge against those who took everything from you and left it to the elements.

Path of Exile page on STEAM

16. Warframe


Action and excitement at the highest level, with sweeping graphics in this world of science fiction, mysticism and a well-constructed story. O Warframe arrived in 2013, has amazing combat mechanics and gameplay co-op between the characters.

The cinematic action, history and music make it one of the best free PC games today. Awakens the power of the enigmatic warframes and immerse yourself in everything this title has to offer, as well as new content.

Warframe Page on STEAM

17. Hearthstone


If we put the whole Warcraft universe into a deck of cards we have the game Hearthstone. It is a card game or TCG, released in 2014, capable of bringing the strategy, dynamics and excitement of duels between players to the board.

At the disposal of the player is a large number of characters, with new chapters and items to be added periodically to renew the pure entertainment of this game. If you are a fan of Warcraft, it should be on your games list!

Hearthstone Official Website

18. Magic: The Gathering Arena


O Magic: The Gathering Arena is the digital version of the Magic: The Gathering phenomenon, the card game based on a huge fantasy world with fantastic characters. The strategy is the same now in the digital world.

Each player has their own deck of cards, or deck and have to assemble the strategy before and during the match. In itself it is a light and free game, but it involves some study of the whole universe that gives it body, this for those who really want to win the duels!

Magic: The Gathering Arena Official Page

19. TrackMania Nations Forever

TrackMania Nations Forever

O TrackMania Nations Forever is a free online racing and skill game. It's one of the lightest games on this list, but challenge yourself on about 65 tracks to not only get first, but also do stunts with lots of fast cars.

The title has millions of active players and becomes even more captivating as you race against your friends. You can play by yourself (single player), or share the screen with your friends. If you like speed, this is a classic, free and mandatory title!

TMNF page on STEAM

20. Runescape 3


Closing this list of free online games we have the RuneScape, a title that to this day is the most famous MMORPG in the world. It was launched in 2001, cemented the genre and still has a significant cominity, even though it is already in the third generation.

The essence of the “new Runescape” is more diluted, but it also had to evolve over time. In this fantasy world the player has to develop his skills, complete demands and face enemies alone, or with friends.

RuneScape Official Page

OldSchool RuneScape

RuneScape's “root” appeal is so big that Jagex has brought the classic back to life, already with several servers around the world and the system, mechanics and game graphics that were part of the childhood of so many around the globe.

OldSchool RuneScape Official Page

Our list of free PC games took into account the popularity of titles, their ability to be played online or only after full computer installation, the mechanics, graphics and various game genres, among other criteria.

Online games require a good connection, which is why we make known the best internet for gamers in UK. For players mobile, see the best gaming phones and the best unlimited mobile network pricing in 2019.


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