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Top 10 YouTube Feelings in UK – 2016

source: depositphotos
source: depositphotos

The end of the year is approaching and with it the reflections, the retrospective of the most remarkable moments of 2016 in what is one of the most popular platforms of the moment. YouTube is a source of information, entertainment and, at least out there, a serious alternative to conventional TV channels. It’s time to look back and see what marked this platform in UK. After all, what we see reveals a lot about our character and identity. That said, what made you vibrate in UK?

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10th- Wuant

Entertainer for excellence, gamer for fun and born comedian, “Wuant”, the stage name of YouTuber, which in February reached the 400,000 followers mark, and has since gained over 1 million followers or subscribers on this platform. An example of success, humility, dedication and a great talent for mixing. Its content is mainly based on gameplay’s (various games and how to complete them) but without neglecting a bit of social criticism, lots of montage, topicality and generic humor.

9th- Rita Pereira

Needless to explain, the search for the perfect “Hello” managed to catapult this video to the Top 10 of the most popular content in UK during 2016. By the way, the video is funny and I confess that I went through it. Sitting in front of the camera with a goofy face and thinking “how do I start this”? PS: (even the EBox team can’t resist making memes in my face).

8th – Cov√£o dos Conchos

Filming with drones have become extremely popular this year and for the best reasons. These small (or large) gadgets allow us to capture hitherto unthinkable photographs and capture the beauty of places just like a bird flying over the area. These devices are not exactly cheap but, in the hands of someone skilled can create fantastic results.

In short, fabulous images recorded through a drone managed to win the hearts of the UK’s and truth be told, our country is beautiful!

7th- Jo√£o Seabra

The best of television, in this case the best moments of TV, are one of the most popular themes on YouTube, perhaps due to the similarity between this platform and TV, but, in any case, Jo√£o Seabra’s performance on “Got Talent UK”, the show. from RTP aimed at discovering new talent in UK, was one of the most viewed videos of the year.

6th – Guilherme Cabral

European champions, the victory that marked the summer and brought a very genuine pride throughout the country. However, it was the national support video made by Guilherme that won the UK’s YouTube. The video of support for the UK’s soccer team that managed to captivate the attention of the UK’s. That’s the magic of YouTube, sometimes the simplest ideas go viral, but in this case I understand perfectly why the video is so popular.

5th- Fernando Daniel

Like the 7th in this list, one of the best moments on TV was immortalized on YouTube. Fernando Daniel’s performance during RTP’s “The Voice UK” screening has been seen more than 7 million times. An impressive number for our country.

4th – Elvira Teixeira

Have you ever stopped in the middle of the trip to ask for directions from the friendly gentleman (lady in this case) who was walking around? Also because the GPS is not always spinning and it costs nothing to ask only that in this case, who asked ended up witnessing one of the most beautiful examples of the UK’s popular spirit. This is the case of the grandmother of Beiras who became a phenomenon of YouTube.

With over 1.5 million views, an anonymous channel totaled an impressive number. The warning is, the slang in this video is equally impressive.

3rd – Sofia Ribeiro

And something truly touching and deeply sad. A bit like the ups and downs of life, one day we are smiling and the next we may be at death’s door. A testimony of courage and, above all, a story whose happy ending goes far beyond 1.7 million views.

2¬ļ- Miguel Para√≠so

The hunger to be champion, the opportunity well taken to make a musical parody with one of the three major UK’s football clubs. The ingredients for success were there and Miguel, young YouTuber with a modest amount of subscribers, has a video with over 3 million views.

A video that could even be banal but whose musical parody, coupled with football, guaranteed him a success that his creator had never dreamed of. And well, by the championship floor, for the year we will have new video!

1st Maria Leal

The singer Maria Leal conquered the national YouTube (I leave this rhyme here just for you). Say that the star of UK only came to YouTube in October but that was enough to be our queen, our new Amalia, our Adele …

With more than 3 million and 200 thousand views, this anonymous gentleman who, by stroke of genius, decided to share this pearl. This is the magic of viral videos, something useless or without great juice but whose ability to entertain us surpasses all bounds and rational explanations.

One thing is for sure, YouTube has managed to catapult this perfect example of the UK’s mindset: As long as there is someone worse than me, or one who can laugh at me, I can already speak with authority.

Lastly, YouTube also released the ranking of the top international hits of 2016. Outside “Adele Carpool Karaoke”, followed by “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” and “What’s Inside a Rattlesnake Rattle” took the top spots of this year. platform.

I leave you with a question, what are your favorite videos or channels in 2016 in this quirky, disconnected world of YouTube?

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