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Tom Hardy, the next James Bond?

Tom Hardy, the next James Bond?

James Bond, a complicated challenge

When a character from the world of cinema and entertainment becomes very popular, a certain halo is created around him that makes his performance a challenge. It has happened with very famous superheroes like the always mysterious Batman, Superman or the masked Spiderman, villains like Joker and, of course, with agent 007 James Bond.

In all cases, several actors have been in charge of giving life to the character in question, with greater or lesser success and a gigantic pressure from the critics, who do not repair to draw defects and virtues and, of course, in compare it with its predecessors.

Sean Coonery

In the case of James Bond the case is especially striking. Several actors have played the British agent, with very different physiques, different styles and very different ages. Among all, possibly Sean Connery -on these lines- be his greatest exponent and the most remembered of all those who have put themselves in Bond's shoes. Pierce Brosnan also managed to give this character personality and identity, being another of the best-known faces of cinema.

Daniel Craig

Currently, the most recent James Bond is the one that has offered us Daniel Craig – superior image – but his reign as an agent is near the end. The film No time to die will be the last for the British actor, so everyone was wondering who would be in charge of succeeding him … And it seems that we already have an answer.

Tom Hardy as Next Agent 007

The rumor about the possible replacement by Tom Hardy comes from the middle The Vulcan Reporter. This website points out that the actor, a well-known face in the world of cinema, has already closed everything to be the next James Bond and that in fact the announcement was going to be made official with him premiere of the latest movie of the saga, which was scheduled for November.

As the coronavirus has moved all the film dates, now its coming-out is a mystery and the moment of Hardy's appointment as the agent as well, although the aforementioned medium points out that it is very likely will be unveiled in 2020 -we imagine that this uncovering could accelerate events.

Tom hardy

In case you do not fall into who he is, Tom Hardy is a regular of the cinema that you have seen in great productions how Origin, The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, Venom and in the popular series Peaky blinders, among many other titles – for his 43 years he has a fairly large filmography. The actor has a lot of experience behind him, he has worked in quite a few action films and would bring a different style and even physique to the image that we know so far of this famous character.

Tom hardy

Now, if the information is correct, I would add one (or several, who knows) film playing James Bond to your resume, something that at first seems to like and to convince quite to popular opinion, since on more than one occasion his choice has been raised – and, as we have already spoken before, that is already a great step won in favor of criticism.

How about Hardy to pronounce the famous “Bond, James Bond”? Do you see it for the role?


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