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HOW-TO:Fix Kodi for Android


How to fix Kodi for Android.

This post will teach you how to fix Kodi on Android a TV Box, in fact, you can use our guides on any Android device with Kodi. If you are having issues with Kodi with our fixes you can fix all the most common Kodi issues including how to reset Kodi, how to fix black screen in Kodi, How to clear data in Kodi and more.

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How to fix Kodi without losing add-ons

You can fix Kodi without losing any add-ons or customization you have added. When you clear Kodi cache it only removes the files in its local memory not files installed. You should always try this method before all others as sometimes a simple clearing of Kodi’s cache will fix the most common issues including. Kodi opening to a blank screen, when you click on Kodi and it will not start, or when Kodi Crashes. Problems like this occur when Kodi has not been closed down correctly. To stop these issues happening again always close Kodi down using the shutdown option on the home screen.


  • Go to apps and locate the settings app
  • Click Apps
  • Now locate and select KODI
  • Scroll down to Apps. Now locate KODI and click on it
  • Click Clear Cache
  • Open Kodi it will now be fixed

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How to fix Kodi complete wipe

Sometimes Kodi can become so corrupt that only a complete restore will do. This is very simple to do and will completely wipe Kodi including add-ons or other customization added. This is a good way to also reset Kodi if you wanted to do a fresh Kodi add-on installation. When you restart Kodi after clearing data you will have to reinstall any add-ons that you had previously had installed.


  • Go to apps and locate settings
  • Scroll down to Apps. 
  • Now locate and select KODI
  • Scroll down to Apps. Now locate KODI and click on it
  • Click Clear Data
  • Now go and open Kodi it will now be fixed

How to fix Kodi buffering

Kodi buffering is when you are trying to watch a stream and you have to sit there and wait until the stream has downloaded enough to play. this can be very frustrating when you sit down to watch your favourite TV show or movie and all of a sudden you get the dreadful spinning buffering logo appears. Now there are many reasons why Kodi buffers some common causes include. The device is too far from the router, the stream you are viewing is overloaded. The good news is there is a fix for some buffering issue all you need to do is add our file to your Kodi setup. Also, check our full guide for KODI acceleration settings from HERE


  • Click on this link then extract the .xml file
  • Copy and paste the XML file (not the  .zip) to Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/
  • This will now fix any Kodi buffering issues
Please check our full guide for KODI acceleration settings from HERE


In this post, we have shown you how to fix Kodi issues that are most common. using any one of the quick fixes above will fix Kodi issues.  If you still are having issues why not check out our full list of how to guides.IPVanish


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Different Box may have different Settings options

Fix KODI For Android
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