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Tinder learns how to evade Google Play Store payments

Tinder learns how to evade Google Play Store payments

Tinder seems to have been able to do what many apps wanted to do by being able to avoid paying the transaction fees Google usually charges. However, it is likely that it will not be long before Google takes action.

As revealed by Bloomberg, Tinder has recently changed its payment platform to a standard alternative method where users need to enter their credit card details. While they still offer the option to proceed through Google Play, these changes go against company policies.

Tinder Google Play Store Issue

Tinder found a way to escape the 30% charged by Google

Many companies have already expressed dissatisfaction with the 30% charged by Google (as well as Apple) in all transactions made through their app stores. In the case of subscriptions, after 12 consecutive months, this rate drops to 15%.

Surprisingly, Tinder decided to change its default payment method to a payment form that is then processed by the company itself. By implementing these changes, Google does not have access to these transactions and cannot charge you these fees.

Not the first major App to evade Play Store payments

While the other examples didn't break Google's usage policy, Tinder was not the first large app to evade app store fees.

Both Netflix and Spotify have several million paid subscription users. However, Google is no longer able to charge your 30% on these two services.

Over the past few months, both companies have stopped allowing users to create accounts through their applications. All new subscriptions must be made through their official pages, so they were within the reach of Google.

It should not be long before Google takes action

So far, there are no indications of possible action taken by Google against Tinder. However, it should not be long before this happens. In addition to clearly breaking one of the most important rules of its usage policies, it is "stealing" millions of euros from Google.

Also, if this Tinder action goes alongside Google's radar, it could lead to many other Apps implementing the same strategy. If that happens, Google will have a big problem on its hands.

On the other hand, it seems extremely unlikely that Tinder could be banned from Google Play, as it remains a source of high income thanks to its millions of registered users.

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