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Tinder is testing a panic button to avoid dangerous appointments

A button to save a dangerous situation


Sporadic relationships that occur in Tinder often give situations of all kinds, and in many cases users make an appointment without knowing each other. This encounter sometimes does not take place as the user expects, and it could be the situation of being in front of a person that could completely different intentions from yours. What to do in that situation? How to get out of a situation that can become dangerous with a true stranger?

In Tinder They are aware that this facility to meet people can lead to other types of very compromised situations, so they are working with an application called Noonlight which is responsible for ensuring the safety of users. The application, which has attracted the attention of the Match team (the creators of Tinder itself), what it does is to be aware of the user as a security guard.

If we find ourselves in a moment with a certain danger, the user would only have to press a button (the panic button) for the application to receive the request and start executing the predefined protocol, which is as follows:

  • After pressing a button, the user must enter a code to cancel the warning.
  • If the code is not entered, they will receive an SMS from Noonlight.
  • If they do not respond to the message, the service will make a phone call.
  • And if the call is not answered (or failing to answer and ask for help), Noonlight will immediately inform the police.

Obviously, for the police to go immediately to your search they need your location, and that is where the application will need constant information about your location in order to function properly. Does this mean that Match will use that information for other purposes? The company has been responsible for clarifying that the location information will only be available to Noonlight and will only be used with the function for which it was created.

As an interesting point, all those users who use Noonlight will have a striking badge on their Tinder profile, so that this code serves to scare all those people who review profiles in search of an easy appointment with bad intentions.

To the question of what happens with false positives, Match is quite sharp about it, ensuring that they are aware that more than one case will appear in which they press the button by mistake, and although they assume that it will occur, they ensure that in the worst case The only thing they will have to do is knock on a door and see that everything is in order.

When will the panic button reach Tinder?

At the moment the function will begin to be tested in the United States at the end of this month of January, so we will still have to wait until the company decides to offer the function to the rest of the countries in the world. It is of course a great idea that will only benefit the reputation of the application, as users will feel safe to use it.

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