Apple often surprises the world with the announcement of new iPhone at the traditional September event. In 2020, however, we will not have new iOS smartphones, but several new features with smart watches, tablets and the iOS operating system.

“The time flies”. This is the motto of the September event that immediately brings us to the Apple Watch. We have live streaming on YouTube, Apple TV and on Cupertino’s official technology website, today from 18:00 in Lisbon.

“Time Flies”, but no iPhone in September

The event will consist of a recording made by the Cupertino giant in which it will talk about the new Apple Watch, the iPad Air, as well as the Apple software and, perhaps, some surprises. So far, these are our greatest certainties.

Over the past few weeks we have seen a large flow of information about next generation watches. We also hope for a new market approach, with a relatively economical and top model, premium.

The Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

The (expected) star of the September event. We have a design very similar to the Series 5, possibly with improvements in the use of space and dimensions. Either way, it will look familiar, or even the same as the current generation.

The novelties of the watch will be the addition of the SpO2 sensor – oximeter or oxygen saturation in the blood; native sleep monitoring with more accurate measurements; improvements in electrocardiogram function and possibly clock autonomy.

Among the main corrections of inaccuracies are inconsistencies in the ECG function in the Watch Series 4 and Series 5, especially from 100 to 120 heartbeats per minute. In other words, we will have even more accurate sensors.

New “cheap” model on Apple Watch Series 6?

Apple Watch Series 6

According to rumors we may have a new alternative to Watch Series 3, still sold by Apple. If presented, the “SE” model of the watch would be the manufacturer’s most economical alternative, aiming to replace the old model.

Currently the Apple Watch Series 3 can be found at € 223 on the brand’s website, pointing out the new cheap model for the same price range. We do not know, however, what their characteristics or technical specifications will be.

Anyway, we will have the conventional model – Series 6 – which will replace the current top model of Series 5. We have a new processor, more powerful and efficient in energy consumption and the possible abandonment of Force Touch technology.

The Apple iPad Air 4 generation

Apple iPad Air 4

Among the novelties of the September event, we have improvements for the iPad Air 4. The design already needs a renovation, shortening the margins, or placing it closer to the top models, the iPad Pro range.

Thus, we expect to see a reduction in margins, with rounded corners and better use of the area on the front panel of the tablet. In addition, you should keep Touch ID as your primary unlocking method, but with some changes.

Instead of using Face ID, more expensive and present in iPad Pro, the iPad Air line should opt for the fingerprint reader, possibly housed on one side of the product. Its placement under the screen is less likely, but it is not ruled out.

The price of iPad Air 4 could start at $ 599

Apple iPad Air 4

The iPad Air is the entry-level model from Apple in its line of tablets, however, we now have connection pins on the back of the product to fit accessories and the official cover / keyboard. The camera, on the other hand, will remain unique at the rear.

Rumors also suggest the presence of a USB-C port, maximizing the iPad’s compatibility with other accessories. In short, you will have a new design, more elegant and contemporary, reduced margins and more customization and color options.

AirTags, the NFC “revolution”

Apple AirTags (codename: B389) – White front (no logo) CLEAN! – Polished metal back- Apple logo on back3D render made by the AMAZING @CConceptCreator. Sources shared with me a video of the real AirTags – to protect them, we made a 3D render to show you.

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) September 14, 2020

Apple will present its AirTags, a concept similar to the national product, Lapa, or the international Tiles. In fact, its presentation was already expected in 2019 with the iPhone 11. Now, before the accumulation of evidence, they will be (really) ready!

According to several sources, Apple has already started mass production of this accessory. At the same time, the famous leakster @Jon_proser showed several digital representations and some real photographs of the product.

In practice, they will be small accessories that we can put, for example, on the key ring, so as not to lose it. The applications are endless and the purpose of AirTags will be to locate objects, or even pets.

There’s news for Apple services

The new subscription service – Apple One – should add several company services in one package. From Apple Music (music), to TV + (television and series), Arcade (games), News + (news), with different price ranges.

The practiced values ​​are not known, but the rumors point to a minimum value of 5 dollars per month for students. The application of a tiered system is likely, with differences in the quality and quantity of devices supported.

IOS 14, iPadPS 13, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14

Apple iOS 14 preview

Apple is in the habit of making the latest iOS (beta) version available during the September events. Now, with iOS 14 being previewed, or tested, we have the same scenario, giving users a last and sure glimpse.

The opportunity to test the beta will continue from September 15th if the company does not decide to change the traditional schedule. The stable version, available to the general public, should take a few weeks to arrive.

Likewise, we have news for watcOS, iPadOS, tvOS and possibly also for macOS.

The iPhone 12 is out

The presentation of the next generation of Apple mobile phones will be reserved for the future occasion. In view of the delays caused by the pandemic COVID-19, Apple will have dedicated to delay the official presentation of the new iPhone 12 to the month of October.

Likewise, we do not have news for the Apple computer line. We do hope for an event of its own where the brand will showcase the advances made with its own processors based on ARM technology.

Even so, despite all our experience in the area, we may have surprises with “… One more thing”.

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