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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 slowly begins receiving Android Oreo

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best Samsung device to...

This Game Boy runs on infinite power

The Solar Game Boy According to one of the co-directors of the project, Josiah Hester, it is the first interactive device without battery that collects...

Apple reaffirms its commitment to freedom of expression and human rights

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Run: Xiaomi’s smart fan now has a discount

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TikTok had more downloads than Facebook and Instagram in 2019!

The TikTok App continues to see impressive growth, especially in the two largest markets in the world, China and India. According to the latest information revealed by the company Sensor Tower, since it was launched in 2016, has accumulated more than 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Apart from this incredible achievement, even more relevant is the fact that in 2019, TikTok is ahead of Instagram and Facebook in terms of download number. It is currently the third most downloaded application of 2019, being surpassed only by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

TikTok Facebook Instagram

TikTok's growth continues to scare Facebook!

Over the past few months, we have seen Facebook bring numerous TikTok features to Instagram in a desperate attempt to halt its growth.

However, it seems that this task is becoming increasingly complicated as the application continues to gain increasing popularity in the various international markets. This popularity is clearly visible in the exponential increase in downloads in both its iOS and Android versions.

TikTok was able to reach the 1 billion download mark in February, taking less than 9 months to accumulate 500 million new installations.

TikTok Millionaire Recipes

TikTok's popularity translates into multi-million dollar recipes.

Despite being a free application, like many others, it generates revenue through purchases. in-app. As might be expected, its great popularity has also translated into impressive recipes.

Since its launch in 2016, it is estimated that TikTok has generated over 150 million euros in revenue. For 2019, the application has so far achieved an average of EUR 1 million per month. In addition, it is important to note that revenues have been steadily increasing since the beginning of the year.

If you would like to see more specific details about the numbers obtained by TikTok, you have all the information available in the official Sensor Tower publication.

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Latest Posts

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