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TikTok chose the first TikTokers to pay

TikTok’s chosen ones

Few weeks ago TikTok announced that it had created a fund of 200 million dollars. An initiative with which they intend to strengthen the commitment of certain content creators with the platform. And, if they already provide material that helps more and more users reach the network, what a kitty that it does something about it and rewards that work.

Therefore, and we assume that before what happens to Vine, TikTok decided that they should pay those who they considered were important assets for the platform. This is how this fund arose, which now has the first chosen TikTokers who will receive money for creating videos.

Total there are 19 first users that the company has selected to reward them for their activity on the platform. And yes, it is true that some already have a long history of creating content on social networks. However, there are other users who had not done anything similar previously, but on TikTok they managed to connect with thousands of users and grow their own community within.

  • @acooknamedmatt, 3.6 million followers, Matt Broussard is a cook who shares quick recipes and in many of them his knife is another of the clear protagonists
  • @ alex.stemp, 9.6 million followers, He is a photographer in Los Angeles and he basically uses TikTok to show very eye-catching videos with some of his street photos
  • @avani, 24.1 million followers, mix beauty and makeup content with the occasional more casual video related to fashion, dance and acting. Of course power of attraction has
  • @brittany_broski, 5 million followers, Brittany Tomlinson became popular with a video in which she tried Kombucha for the first time. After becoming “Kombucha Girl” her popularity grew as did her followers
  • @cheyennejazwise, 52.8 thousand followers, Cheyenne Jaz Wise is one of those cases that will attract attention and also demonstrates that TikTok not only look for those who already have the most followers. Here Cheyenne’s appeal is her ability to cosplay
  • @daviddobrik, 20 million followers. David makes videos with a lot of humor and the odd joke that transmits very good vibes, something that he likes and to some extent is necessary
  • @ doctor.jesss, 510.3 thousand followers, Jess Andrade is a pediatrician and another of the creators who, without reaching a million followers, enters this first objection. Her videos show her day to day as a doctor and give tips for a healthier life as well as other useful health-related information.
  • @dreadknotwoodshop, 27.8 thousand followers, Darryl Jones is a professional of wood and in his videos you will find that, how he makes certain pieces of wood and some other interesting trick. If you like the whole DIY topic, it’s great
  • @feelgoodfoodie, 569 thousand followers, Yumna Jawad do not enter her TikTok profile if you are hungry because you will practically crave all her recipes
  • @heyeliza, 2.9 million followers, Chance Moore and Kate Hudson share what life is like for Eliza, their daughter with cancer. A sad story full of optimism at the same time
  • @justmaiko, 36.4 million followers, Michael Le was a dancer and now he is dedicated to creating content on TikTok with a particular style, a lot of music and humor
  • @lgndfrvr, 5.4 million followers, Justice Alexander is one of the most important Latino creators on the platform and creates very family-friendly entertainment videos
  • @lifeofadoctor, 570.5 thousand followers, Dr. Fayez is dedicated to breaking myths around his profession as a doctor and showing his day to day
  • @marstruck, 680.5K followers, Marissa Ren uses the platform to showcase Asian influence in the fashion world while sharing her favorite trends
  • @mattgresia, 297.6 thousand followers, Matt Gresia is an entrepreneur and business guru who shares “you know what…” videos
  • @onlyjayus, 8.2 million followers, Isabella Avila has a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and the best way to describe its content is by using the word freshness
  • @rosssmith, 11.1 million followers, Ross Smith focuses on humor and that’s what he shares on TikTok
  • @spencerx, 40.6 million followers, Spencer Polanco Knight is one of those Beatbox artists who surprise with his ability to make music and create rhythms that seem impossible to perform with his mouth alone.
  • @tonyyounmd, 896,1 thousand followers, Dr. Anthony Youn is a plastic surgeon who uses TikTok in order to educate others about holistic beauty and how to look their best

TikTok and its commitment to its users

TikTok Money

This TikTok initiative can have different readings. On the one hand is the part where it could be a form of gain popularity and improve image now that the government of Donald Trump wants to veto the application in the United States. On the other, the way to encourage many more users to join the platform and create more and more content.

Because this initial list shows that not only the number of followers is important. It is true that you have to have a minimum of 10,000 followers and, at least, an accumulated 10,000 views in the last 30 days, but if you prove to be unique, have charisma and you like what you do on TikTok you may become part of this fund. Of course, it is not known when it corresponds to each of them, but surely more than what can be earned with coins and gifts on TikTok.

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