TikTok believes he will be able to stay in the U.S. even with Trump’s ban


The social network TikTok is the latest victim of the exclusion orders enacted by Donald Trump. The controversial American president, for fear of Chinese espionage, gave the social network 90 days to be bought by an American company or it would be banned.

Despite this setback, TikTok is confident that this ban will not prevent it from continuing to operate in the USA. A statement made by Vanessa Pappas, director general of the social network in the USA.

TikTok says it has “many ways” to escape the American ban

In an interview recently given by Pappas to Bloomberg, the director-general seemed to devalue the ban imposed by Donald Trump. According to her, there are “vseveral ways to go to ensure that we continue to provide this incredible experience to millions of Americans who count on it every day“.


It would be curious to know what are the paths to which Vanessa Pappas refers. Especially if the options to continue operating on American soil continue to mean TikTok's independence from American companies.

It is worth recalling that Donald Trump's order was the result of fears made public by a federal agency. It concluded that the social network, owned by China's ByteDance, could pose a threat to American national security.

Regarding this matter, Passas took a position similar to others that are in the same position. In effect, it asks the American agency to provide evidence to support its claims.

Microsoft could be one of the solutions to save TikTok

After the ban on TikTok, the American giant was one of the first to declare an interest in buying part of this social network. These negotiations will have to be completed by 15 September.

If the American giant manages to buy TikTok, it may continue to operate on American soil. Otherwise, we will see what paths are available to the social network to circumvent their expulsion from that huge market.

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