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TikTok adds a warning that all networks should copy

TikTok and dangerous content for epileptics

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In the daily use of technology, both hardware and software, many of us are not really aware of the problems faced by thousands of users around the world. Therefore, when a new feature is introduced as an accessibility option that was missing or similar, we cannot think that it is silly. Because it may not only depend on the experience of using someone else but even their safety.

The latest movement of TikTok is one of those that solve a type of scenario that you do not consider until it happens to yourself or someone close to you. And is that the platform has included a new feature that will alert users that they are going to view photosensitive content which could be potentially dangerous for all those who suffer from seizures.

Epilepsy is a disease caused by an imbalance in neuronal activity that can lead to seizures. These imbalances are generated by several factors, one of them being images that involve flashing lights and colors.

This functionality comes after the conversations that have been held with various organizations that cover this problem. And it is that, although it is not something that affects a large percentage of the population, it could have serious consequences for user integrity should it occur. For this reason, along with the warnings that TikTok offers to users who upload content to its platform, this new type of notice is added, which therefore seeks to make the social network safer for everyone.

How Photosensitive Content Warnings Work on TikTok

This new option will be integrated and will be displayed as a warning while the user is browsing their feed. Thus, before playing a content cataloged as such, you will be given the option to skip it and avoid possible scares.

However, it will not be the only option to get rid of said content. Within the accessibility options of TikTok you can also activate the option of Remove photosensitive videos automatically. So you will not have to worry directly or will have to worry more that some video of this type may appear right away.

For now the function is not active, but in the coming weeks it will reach all users of the platform. So stay tuned if you need it. Because thanks to it, TikTok will be a slightly safer place for all these users. And hopefully it is something that is transferred to other platforms where video content is also common. Even more short videos like these that we are so used to now.


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