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Three keys to improve cable management and organization

The three keys to effective cable management

Cable management tips and tricks

After many years of fighting the cables, looking for the best way to have them perfectly organized so that it is comfortable to add or remove any, it is concluded that it is easier than it seems if some basic details are taken into account. In addition, combined with some accessories, most of them very economical, you not only achieve better management but also a more aesthetic finish.

The three keys to improving cable organization and management are these:

1. Eliminate unnecessary cables

If you look around you will find cables that you really do not need daily or that you simply have repeated on the desk. For example, two USB cables for synchronization and charging of mobile devices, several chargers, etc.

Well, the first step to effective cable management is eliminate unnecessary. Stay with those you really use every day. If not, disconnect and simplify everything until you get the right and necessary.

2. Group by types and uses, then identify them

When you start organizing cables, it is common to try to make everyone “a single cable.” That is a mistake, because if you need to replace any it becomes a very heavy and annoying task, especially if you use plastic flanges.

Therefore, the best advice is group according to types and uses. That is, on the one hand those fixed cables that are unlikely to need to change, such as those of computer and screen power, HDMI cable, network cable, etc. Cables that are more likely to need to be replaced should be left loose and easy to access.

3. Hide all cables as much as possible

Cable management also implies keep them in sight whenever possible. With this you get a cleaner work or leisure space and also reduce the stress caused by seeing cables on the desk continuously.

If you are one of those who connect the phone to load or synchronize data and leave that cable on the table you will know what we mean. In addition, it is also very uncomfortable to be bundling with cables when you are going to take something or move from location.

Accessories to improve cable management

Following the three indications or previous advice, cable management improves substantially. Still, having some accessories always helps. And no, you don’t have to spend a lot. There are solutions as economical as effective.

Of course, if in addition to being practical you seek to improve the aesthetic appearance you can also. The only thing you will have to prepare the portfolio, because you already start adding accessories and complements. What I consider as basic would be these:

  • Loops or flanges: They are an economical solution and allow grouping several cables to form “one.” In addition, they also give the option to fix them to the leg of a table, etc. The plastic ones are great and there are different lengths, but if it is to group cables my recommendation is Velcro, how are you here. They are also useful for controlling the cables that you will have stored in the drawer.

adhesive base flanges

  • Base for adhesive flanges: These small adhesive bases allow the use of flanges or clips to group cables and then be able to carry them glued under the table, for example. For € 10 you have 100 pieces.

Cable clips

  • Cable clips: This is another of those economic accessories that improve cable management. Ideal to control those you usually use to connect the phone to the PC, cameras or similar. Given the price, number of clips and utility, they are almost a must. In addition there are different types, for a cable, two or several.

Cable duct

  • Gutter to hide cables: These are the classic gutters that are used to hide the wires that go from one point of the room to another. They are widely used for television or similar installations, but they are also useful if you stick them under the table and insert the cables through it. Cheap and effective solution to hide the cables.

spiral cable organizer

  • Cable Organizer: It is the classic cable that allows you to group several cables within it and get a “single cable”. For fixed cables it is a good option and very aesthetic, they are not expensive, but with flanges and a little control you get the same and it can be easier in the face of a future modification. Eye that there are also cloth models, in case you are interested.

With the above you will already be able to improve the management and order of the cables in any area of ​​the home or office. But as we said, if you want to go one step further, pay attention to the following.

Cable Organizer Box

  • Cable Organizer Box: There are many types, sizes and prices. Here it is a matter of looking for the one that best suits your needs. Whether it is to hide a power strip with power adapters or to create a “loading area” on the desk, they are very practical. An example, is D-Line, which only costs 13.99 euros.

Cable Organizer Tray

  • Desktop cable tray: This is a type of solution that allows you to hide and maintain control over the cables without sacrificing the convenience of being able to remove one when it is needed quickly. In addition, you can also take advantage of them to place the power strip there. There are many types, to fix under the table or on one of the edges or back panel if the table has.

The advantages of an orderly workspace

With all this plus some basic order tasks you can get important benefits when working. Logically everything will depend on each one, but it allows me to be calmer and eliminate certain distractions. In addition, when preparing a video recording or if I need to take a photo it is also easier for me.

If on the contrary everything is done some foxes it is easier that I end up delaying the tasks, not being able to focus because this thinking about how to clean and organize the desk, etc. So, here are some tips that I hope you find useful. And if you have any tricks of your own, tell us.

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