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Thor 4 and The Mandalorian what do they have in common?

Thor: Love and Thunder will use Unreal Engine

Avengers: Endgame - Thor

Taika Waititi has it clear, technology is to be used to the maximum possible. Especially if it brings important advantages, such as the one that The Mandalorian has already shown to have obtained during its production. What’s more, he was able to see for himself what they were, as he directed the final chapter of the series.

Therefore, Thor: Love and Thunder will use the same virtual production technology used in The Mandalorian and developed from Epic’s Unreal Engine graphics engine. This will be the element that both productions, series and film, will share with Waititi’s narrative and directing talent. So we can expect spectacular results.

This obviously implies an extra effort on the part of the visual effects division of ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), which is already working in training and in the construction of various StageCraft sets. The largest of all will be at Fox studios in Australia, where Thor’s delivery account will be recorded.

This set will have more LED panels that will increase the resolution and the possibilities by having a greater area when recording all kinds of scenes. Thus, if all goes well, this new space can begin to be used from March 2021, taking advantage of all the motion capture techniques, facial capture and other tools together with the ILM technology developed together with Epic and its Unreal Engine. .

In the following video, from behind the scenes of The Mandalorian, you can see how this technology works, which as we say is so promising. And yes, it was with the series run by Jon Favreau that many knew about it, although it had already been used in some commercials.

What’s new about the god of thunder

Thor 4

Regarding the new Thor movie we have already learned some details during the year. Thus, along with Chris Hemsworth who will continue to play the god of thunder, we have Taika Waititi to be the director of a film where again Natalie Portman will appear as Jane Foster and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.

Although in terms of distribution, the role that Christian Bale will assume draws a lot of attention. This will go from being Batman to the villain of Thor. A role that those who have read the film’s script say it will be a perfect fit. So you really want to see it in action.

Christian bale

However, it is still early days. There are many months of work ahead and it will be necessary to see if no other setback arises. Especially related to the recording, subsequent editing of the material and its premiere. A date, the launch date, which could be affected by recent events and how some proposals are being received that have sought alternatives to the theatrical release.

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