This will be the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11

This will be the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11

The new ISOCELL Bright HMX

Samsung ISOCELL 108 megapixels

New exactly is not, and we have been able to try it ourselves with the help of My Note 10 from Xiaomi. Recall that the Xiaomi device includes a sensor 108 megapixels Samsung, and that sensor is neither more nor less than this same to which Samsung now devotes all the attention. And it is that the manufacturer has published an article in his official blog to talk about the benefits of the captor, a sensor that reaches the market as the first in the world with more than 100 million pixels, being also the first to have a size of 1 / 1.33 inches.

Some of the features that will attract attention are the so-called Smart-IOS, which will automatically activate a low ISO in daylight, and a high ISO when we have low light. So it is normal for these characteristics to come in disguise as important functionalities in the presentation of the S11.

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One of the most important developments is the incorporation of pixel isolation technology ISOCELL Plus, which is responsible for preventing the contamination of colors between underlying pixels. The pixels are so small that by indicating light on them you can create a crosstalk of pixels caused by light and color pollution, something that over time caused a loss of quality in the sensor. To do this they have replaced the metal mesh present in the current ISOCELL and replaced it with a new material.


Once again, the immense amount of pixels is used to create a matrix of pixels grouped 4 in 4, or what is the same, Tetracell technology will also be present in this sensor to obtain greater detail and sensitivity to light at the time of taking pictures It is something that we will have to compare to see if there really are differences with respect to the previous generation, which already worked really well.

A sensor for the Galaxy S11 unconfirmed

Yes, Samsung has said nothing that serves to confirm that this new sensor will be the one that will give life to the camera of the S11, but considering that the competition already uses it and that it is an important product for Samsung, we have no doubt that it will effectively be the camera of the next generation.

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Of course, if you are wondering why we want an S11 when the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 already has this camera, the answer is quite simple. As we could see in our analysis of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, pair this great sensor with a processor Snapdragon 730 It was not the best of the scenarios. Therefore, we are looking forward to see what performance Samsung is able to extract from the captor with a more powerful processor and specially designed to squeeze out each of those 108 million pixels to the fullest.


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