This vomiting trick allows you to jump cliffs without dying in Red Dead Redemption 2

This vomiting trick allows you to jump cliffs without dying in Red Dead Redemption 2

A rope of vomit to descend cliffs

The scenarios of Red Dead Redemption 2 They go a long way, but there is nothing more annoying than stumbling over a cliff and watching your character die foolishly when he falls into the void. This is something that also happens very often to the impatient. Convinced of being able to shorten his way down a gorge of doubtful accessibility, his character ends up rolling like a croquette because of the rockiness of the stage, quickly ending the life of his avatar and the game.

But there is someone who has come up with the perfect strategy. Taking advantage of a bug From one of the character’s animations, it seems that it is possible to descend high cliffs without receiving even the slightest damage to our character’s energy bar. And all we have to do is throw up. Yes, and it is worse than you imagine.

As you can see in the following video, the strategy is based on eating one of the plants that cause nausea so that our character begins to vomit immediately. Before ingesting the plant, we must place ourselves on the edge of the cliff, and right there, feed our character with the dreaded plant. In this case, a Common enea It is responsible for activating the stomach of our protagonist, a plant that will make you vomit instantly and that will help avoid rolling down the cliff.

Being on the edge of the cliff, the vomiting animation will take us to the void immediately, however, instead of falling and rolling as would normally happen, the vomiting action will block our character, which will constantly levitate until it touches firm ground (at the same time that leaves a waterfall of vomit along the way). It is a simple glitch caused by animation, which blocks any other type of event related to our character.

Disgusting but effective

There is no doubt that this trick to save cliffs is tremendously effective but at the same time unpleasant. But if it works, welcome is. You will only have to have a good amount of common Enea in your bag to be able to take advantage of this curious glitch that will allow you to descend great mountains in a matter of seconds.


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