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This video shows the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro in the world! It costs almost 100 thousand Euros!

The most expensive iPhone in the world has a value of around 100 thousand euros and although manufactured by Apple, has a strong imprint of luxury brand Caviar.

This Russian brand makes covers for smartphones. However, these covers are not for anyone or any wallet. This smartphone you can see in the video below is an iPhone 11 Pro that has the purchase value of 100 thousand dollars. Approximately 90 thousand Euros.

This is the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro in the world

As you can see, the smartphone is basically the same as an iPhone that you buy from any other store. However, the device has a gold and diamond case. Hence its value well above average.

A watch on the back


But the cover is not only and only precious materials. The case also has a watch on the back of the device. A clock that is winded and can withstand a week of constant use.

According to MKBHD the clock noise is so loud that people on the other end of the call will be able to hear it. A huge disadvantage for a smartphone with such a price.

An iPhone for collectors

This iPhone is not for the general public. Caviar does not make such products. Instead, it is designed only for rarity lovers only. For collectors who don't look to savings to have a super exclusive product.

We can say that is absurd, but I know that many of you who love collecting gems did not mind paying a value considerably above the selling price of the iPhone 11 Pro to have it. I just think 100 thousand euros is too much.

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Latest Posts

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