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This Tesla Cybertruck does not need a card or mortgage to buy it

Mattel and the Tesla for all

Tesla Cybertruck

Mattel, the well-known toy company has launched two toy versions of the Tesla Cybertruck, radio control cars with which you can pamper yourself with having your own Tesla electric vehicle.

Available in two sizes, these small Cybertruck Teslas have been created through a collaboration between both brands. Although the most important thing right now is that you know that these are limited editions. We have no data on how many units will be manufactured, only that they will be available at the end of the year and that if you do not want to run out of one, you will have to hurry.

The first of the models is a Cybertruck at 1:64 scale. That is, it is the usual size of small Hot Wheels cars only with a radio control system. So you can drive through the halls of the house, the office, on a table if you have enough expertise to not fall. throw it on the tracks that are there for these. Ok, this little Tesla is not the most attractive of the two, but for a few 20 dollars That will cost is the ideal to self-gift and have it as an ornament.

The other version is, without a doubt, the most striking by size and the degree of detail that Mattel has reached. As you can see in the images, the vehicle maintains details such as the front and rear lights that are fully functional, a chassis with better finishes, which can be removed to access the interior of the vehicle and the battery, as well as the telescopic tailgate.

Tesla Cybertruck 110

Moreover, Mattel has even included a sticker that you can put on and take off to simulate the cracked glass that could be seen during its presentation. Yes, the one that broke when a steel ball was thrown with the intention of testing its durability.

This version is manufactured at 1:10 scale and its price is logically higher, 400 dollars. Although if you are a fan of Tesla and its cars, especially this Cybertruck, it is clear that it will be a toy that you will want to have and for which you will not have to mortgage.

So you know, if you’re interested, don’t take long to decide whether to buy or not. Because they are limited editions and if you wait for it to be in stores at the end of the year it is still late and you run out of them. And yes, until December 15 that will be when they are sent there are still many months, but comfort yourself with the idea that those who paid for a real Tesla are still waiting for their car to arrive.

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