This table for gamers has almost everything to play non-stop

This table for gamers has almost everything to play non-stop

A table to play video games?

Trust gaming table

Little by little, the demands of video game fans have reached really interesting levels, whether they are professionals or not, the average user demands at least good headphones and a comfortable seat in which to spend many hours in front of the screen. But the whole kit is completed with a good table, and there Trust has presented the GXT 1190 Magnicus.

It is a quite generous desk table that has dimensions of 160 x 82 centimeters and that offers a series of peculiarities that will facilitate the life of the gamer at all times. You can place up to 3 monitors, from which to control all your broadcasting on Twitch and check at all times what your video recorder is obtaining before sending to the stream.

Made of a steel body, the main tabletop is made of DM wood, and on it rests a mat that occupies the entire surface of the desk, offering total freedom of movement when using the mouse, and allowing you to have a comfortable touch feeling on the entire table surface.

Keep it clear

Trust gaming table

With the idea of ​​having the table completely clear, the model includes two holders for headphones and drinks that we can place on the front bezel and thus avoid having items on the desk surface.

The only thing that we will place, yes, will be the mobile phone, since this GXT 1190 Magnicus integrates a wireless charger on its surface so that we can recharge the mobile battery (compatible with wireless charging, of course) without using cables.

Hiding the cables

Trust gaming table

And since we are talking about cables, the table also hides in its lower area a flexible tray in which to be able to gather all the cables of the different connected devices to maintain a visual order under the table. This way we will avoid tangles on the floor and we will maintain a fairly practical order when cleaning or simply showing off the table.

What is missing?

The features of this GXT 1190 Magnicus are quite complete, but you should take into account a detail that you may forget. The panel support legs they are not electric, so we will not be able to adjust its height electrically like other more advanced (and expensive) models on the market. Instead, it has a simple anchoring system that will help us to establish the height of the table, but it does not seem like a comfortable system with which to be able to change the height continuously.

How much?

The price of this Trust gaming table will be 349 euros, so we are talking about a table with a very attractive price if we take into account its possibilities, design and size. The product will be available through Amazon from next October 30, so we will have to wait a bit until we can receive our order.

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