This streamer makes a record of casualties in the Cold War beta

This streamer makes a record of casualties in the Cold War beta

Cold War casualty record

COld War

Taking into account that access to Cold war It is quite limited, for now the number of active users is quite low, but that has not prevented more than one feat from already appearing in the form of a record. And to be exact, a world record, or that is at least what its creator presumes, since today no one has ever repeated the atrocity that Frizzeyes achieved in one of his live broadcasts.

The game mode of the game was Assault, which divides the players into two groups of 12 members, who must fight to get the rival team’s zones. The map as you can see was Cartel, known for its famous plantation area where players hide to annihilate their opponents. But contrary to what you might think, Frizzeyes is not one of those “camperos” who are stuck in an area waiting for their victims.

As you can see, the game proceeds at a fairly fast pace, and thanks to the amount of advantages that he gains after accumulating casualties, he is able to identify his rivals through the radar, something that allows him to gain a considerable advantage over his opponents.

An infinite streak

Equipped with an MP5, the kill streak began to grow at a tremendous speed, to the point of achieving the nuclear streak and ending it to 14 players, something that allowed him to also get the nuclear medal. In total, our protagonist kissed the ground 14 times, nothing compared to the 145 casualties that he was able to add in the entire 15-minute game, something that, in addition to making his team win, made him the player with the highest score of the entire game.

Obviously this type of figures can only be given in multiplayer game modes in which to be able to return to the game on more than one occasion, since in Warzone’s battle royale mode it would be practically impossible. Well, almost impossible, and if not tell this player:


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