The great duo of The Endless Story

For many it is the best moment of the entire third season of Stranger Things. We put you in situation: Dustin he resorts to his (until then unknown) radio girlfriend Suzie to tell you what Planck’s constant is. She, upset because her boyfriend had not contacted the frequency he promised, asks her to sing a song together in exchange for telling her the data she needs.

Dustin is reluctant to do it at first (all his acquaintances are listening) but in the end he agrees and begins to sing the magical song Never Ending Story of the movie The endless story. What begins with a shy voice by Dustin ends up being a fun and fantastic duo of the couple, becoming one of the most commented and valued scenes by fans.

However, that was not how it had been planned in the beginning in the script of the series. Instead of singing the aforementioned song, Dustin and Suzie were supposed to sing something much more freak and searched: the march song of the Ents. As well explained in Cinemacomics, remember that in the second book of The Lord of the rings from J.R.R. Tolkien, titled The two Towers, the Ents (which are the tree-shaped creatures that take care of the forests) sing their melody as they marched from Fangorn to Isengard’s fortress.

It is a song that can not even be heard in the movie based on the book – it is true that there is a scene in which it is seen how they are directed to Isengard (you have it on these lines), but without song by medium-, so that only the readers of this book of The Lord of the rings They were going to know how to identify her. However, the Duffer brothers decided last change it. Why?

The possible conflict with Amazon

The reason for the change in direction has to do with the plans that were brewing in a parallel company. It turns out that Amazon has been working for a long time on the prequel to Tolkien’s books, which will take its content platform in serial format, Prime Video. Having used such a reference to competing content could have caused the rejection by Netflix, so the directors of Stranger Things they preferred not to enter into a possible conflict, discard the original idea and opt for The endless story.

Suzie - Stranger Things

And what if the play went well. As we indicated, the song of the Ents would have only been recognized by a few (and although it had been explained in the script, it would not have been the same) while the melody of the fantastic 80’s film is practically part of the popular culture. Even if you don’t know what the film is about, you are able to hum the song and it may even evoke a feeling of pleasure and nostalgia when listening to it.

As it is said in these cases: there is no harm that for good does not come. And this anecdote about the scene of Dustin and Suzie proves it 100%.