This Star Wars book is a new must-have in your library

This Star Wars book is a new must-have in your library

The Lightsaber Collection, all about lightsabers

There are quite a few Star Wars books out there already, but who said they were enough? Daniel Wallace certainly does not believe it, so he has not thought twice and has decided to launch Star Wars: The Lightsaber Collection. Behind this title there is an important compilation never made until now about one of the most important and iconic elements of the great Star Wars saga: the laser sword.

This weapon first appeared in the movie that started it all, A new hope (1977), becoming from the beginning one of the most characteristic and desired objects in the film. With different colors depending on who wears it (we mainly have blue and green for the Force, “the good guys”, and red for the Sith, “the bad guys” -although over time we have seen many more shades-), the saber it took very little time to become something recognizable and associated with Star Wars, of which replicas were created both for collecting as for costumes or games.


Such is its importance that it is not surprising that a special book has now been dedicated to it. Your responsible, as we say, is Daniel wallace, author (and co-author) of more than 50 titles, including Star Wars: Secrets of the Galaxy, The Jedi Path, Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Characters, Ghostbusters: The Definitive Visual Story or The world according to Spider-Man, among others. Now he dares with this walk through the most important swords of both movies and series, comics or video games, showing detailed images of each of them, telling details about their design (the handles usually change) and of course pointing data on the owners of each of them.


A 156-page color heirloom for collectors of the Star Wars universe that, by the way, is pre-order now so it won’t leak out at launch.

Price and availability of the laser book Star wars

If you are interested, you should know that the volume can be reserved already on Amazon. The great Jeff Bezos showcase has it already available (it was announced just a few days ago), so you can pre-purchase and you will not be charged until the book leaves the warehouses on your way home. The date established for this is October 20, 2020, if nothing fails.


And as for the price, well adjusted and attractive, taking into account the content: 26.43 euros, which will not be modified if the price rises before its launch in case you reserve it already. You are taking time to fall into temptation and you know it.

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